Vale Ship Online Tracking

Find out the status of your Vale Ship by providing the fleet name. An easy tracking option available to locate current location of vessel. It belongs to the category of companies that works with the exclusive intention of transforming natural resources into prosperity and growth. Moreover, it shares the vision to become the globally number one in the creation of long term value and it has achieved this almost impossible task only through its passion for excellence. It has integrated the values in its every aspect of functioning and places utmost importance in life, planet, perfect decision making, improvement, and an abiding faith in the proverb “impossible is a word in fools’ dictionary”.  By imbibing the correct morals, discipline, and principle in delivering quality, it has become the number one in the world.

Vale shipping company

Tracking of Vale Ship

The company provide global shipping services. For tracking of Vale ship, click on drop down menu from the left hand menu mentioned under “Global Shop tracking” as shown below. Now select a port and this web-page and then you could track your ship on the next page.


Services- Unlimited logistics

Railroads – With its recognition in this field, it has turned itself into one of the most competitive companies in the world. Its services are mostly available on railroads, which are available on 2000 kilometers of railroad. Although as a company, it is located in Brazil, its services are available in Argentina and African countries. Also check out other shipping companies like Seahore Shipping, Seven Seas Shipping and Seth Shipping details that offer similar services.

Ports and terminals –  As its network is spread over five continents, it makes use of only the the best ports and terminals in Brazil by linking the mines through railroads. Besides this, it has also deep-draft ports. Such ports are fully prepared to receive Valemax  ships. Vale has also installed floating stations in them that could carry iron ore from Valemax ships to smaller vessels. It runs port operations from several places like Argentina, Brazil, and Asia that actually helps the company to reducing cost, operating time, and gas emissions.

Shipping – The company owns best fleet of owned and chartered ships, which could cross the oceans to transport ores, As Valemax ships are parts of its strategy, and those carry largest loads of iron ores connecting Asian markets with the main competitors in the region. Undoubtedly, its ships are only the best in the world.