BMPS Transport Company Tracking

BMPS is one of the leading transporters with a vast network spread all over India. When the clients look for reliable and safe service in logistics management, BMPS is obviously their choice as the company has complete solutions to meet the needs of clients. Since the time of its inception, it has kept on adding to its range of services to serve the clients in every possible way. Be it an individual or industrial client, BMPS could deliver their consignments of cargoes at any destination inside India. Besides safety, its services have other extra-ordinary features like high speed, superior warehousing, and excellent quality in packing.

BMPS Transport Company in India

BMPS Transport Services

Same day delivery –   When the clients need fast service, BMPS could make same day delivery. Although, this service is available only for some places, it has skilled staff to handle emergency deliveries at those places.

Excellent warehousing –  It has set up warehouses at every strategic place to take care of goods passing through transit. With modern and scientific installations in the warehouses, it is capable of storing the goods and commodities for any period of time. It could even take care of perishable goods in cold storage for a long period before making deliveries to the clients.

Customized solutions – When the clients have specific needs for transportation, BMPS has at its disposal well-integrated customized solutions that could take care of  tough deliveries of consignments at different places.

Service for over-sized cargo – When it comes to delivering oversized cargoes like cars and machineries, BMPS could arrange for delivery of such difficult consignments through containerized shifting at different places.

Service for industrial projects- It has capability for shifting machinery and other heavy products to far-off and inaccessible places, where the project work is going on.

Reasonable tariff – Although all its services have fine features, BMPS has taken every step to keep its tariff rates reasonable. Over long period of service, it has never made it clients feel that they are paying extra for the extra features in service.

BMPS Customer Care   Although, BMPS does not have online customer-care, the clients could search in the web about its offices situated across the nation and call the numbers to get necessary information and help.

Phone Number

  • 92480-56638 (Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh)
  • 92480-31757 (Khammam, Telangana)

BMPS TransportTracking  As every individual office of BMPS has separate telephone numbers, clients could make web-based search for getting telephone numbers of the branches situated across the country. They could call the particular branch to get tracking related information. The branch could inform the clients about the status of goods in transit.