Pipavav Port (APM) Container Tracking

Pipavav is one of the best ports in India with remarkable infrastructure and it is now famous for being the topmost professionally run terminal for containers. Excellent standards of service, great working capacity, and principled practices have marked a special place for this terminal everywhere in the world. Especially, this terminal is distinguished for its capacity to create coordinated functioning with ports and terminals all over the world. It has become heaven for industries seeking logistical solutions for their complex needs. The best benefit for them is this port’s close location to strong railway and road transport systems.

Pipavav Port Terminal

Distinctions in its services

Great facilities in transporting of Cargoes – Be it bulk, break, or liquid cargo, Pipavav port offers excellent expertise in handling those with great care and transporting safely in containers.  Backed up by dedicated stackyard for containers and infrastructure for warehousing, it offers extensive storage capacity for all types of cargoes.  As the first port in the private sector, it offers transportation of cargo of bulk and liquid cargo. It is now distinguished as a service provider in pilotage or towage, expert handling of cargoes, and support for logistics.

Support through unique infrastructure – Making sure fast movement of goods, the port’s container freight system is situated within the short distance of 200 meters from the container berths. It has also offices of agents, banks, and different service providers within the port user’s complex. All these help immensely in making speedy movement of goods through containers.

Excellent maritime services – Its maritime services are excellent as those take place only in-house without intervention of any third-party.  Being armed with facility of own sludge and oil discharging, it gives a lot of benefits to all its clients.

Helping clients in preparing all the documents – It helps all its clients in preparation of necessary documents, which are useful during voyage. For this, its clients never face any problems during checking and cross-checking by the authorities.

Economical tariff – Without any doubt, it gives most cost-effective tariff to its clients. They have always found that the tariff rates offer them the most competitive advantages without any chance of loss.

Customer Care

Port Pipavav offers all relevant information on its web page under ‘Contact Us’ page and anyone could log on to find the relevant information about its schedules from this web-page. The clients could download any related information from its webpage link about the daily vessel position, tariffs, and connectivity in APM terminals from ‘Services’ section. You can also talk to the Pipavav port helpline number that is mentioned below –

  • +91 2794-3024-00
  • +91 2230-0113-00
  • +91 2230-0113-16 (Senior Manger Contact Number )

Container Tracking facility of Pipavav Port 

The clients could log on to http://termview.apmterminals.com/Public/Default.aspx and fill up all the relevant information on the web-page about the booking of cargo in containers with reference number and other related data. Click on the “search” button at the end of the page and complete updates about present status of the booked containers would appear.

Besides this, the clients could make multiple searches about;

  • Knowing the history of a container
  • Know about availability of a container
  • Know about schedule of a container

You can enter either Container Number, BL Number or IGM item in order to check the status of Pipavav Port shipping below –