China Shipping Container Tracking

It ispopularly known as CSCL, and was established in Sanghai, China. Its operating capital is RMB 11,683125 billion and it is associated with the China Shipping Group.

It is a major worldwide container shipping service provider and started its operations in 1997 and providing its shipping and cargo services across the world including United States.

China Shipping Company

Services offered

Its services include, warehousing, documentation and customs clearing, container shipment, vessel chartering. They are also involved in ancillary businesses like container repair and ship maintenance. They provide integrated end to end shipping and logistics solutions to their customers through air, water and land.


It has a total of 148 vesselsoperating and has a collective capacity of huge 656,000 TEU. It operates across 80 importantshipping routes across the world. In terms of capacity it is the 7th largest container shipping line in the world. Its area of operation is spread across 180 ports across the world in 60 different countries. Its employee strength is in excess of 7000 spread over 287 offices. Its feeder network intricately covers South East Asia, South and North China and the Yangzi River Delta region. The average fleet capacity is at 6910 TEU. Their infrastructure also includes terminals, warehouses and trucks for inland transportation.A major part of there is their efficient use of automation, be it in materials handling, storage, vessel/vehicle tracking and information management.

Awards and accolades

Over the last 17 years they have been in operation they have earned recognition for their excellence in customer service. They were awarded the Green Flag award by Long Beachport, Maritime Search and Rescue award by IMO. They constantly strive to reduce their carbon footprint and have been applauded for their efforts in this regard as well.

How to check China Shipping Container Status?

The foremost reasons for China Shipping success are its eager and efficient customer service and the ability to share information with their customers. Besides using e-business platforms like EDI and Cargo, their website is a one stop shop for any information their customers or prospective customers may require. Follow below form where customer may track his shipment by entering his Bill of Lading or container number at the space provided and clicking on the “OK” button.

There is also the provision of tracking the movement of a particular container for the last 30/60/90 days here as well. This functionality is built into the home page just below the main navigation menu towards the right. Here the customer may also track the whereabouts of the vessel which is carrying his shipment.

Phone Call and Email Support

Those without access to the internet can call their customer service phone number to answer to their queries – 0086-21-6596 6528. In case you have to send them a fax you can do so at 0086-21-6596 8730. Alternately, you may also send them an email at

Its registered office is at Shanghai, in the International Trade Center building which is in the Pilot Free Trade Zone.The accommodation number being A-538.