Qatar Airways Cargo Tracking Solution

Over the years, Qatar air cargo has taken the front position in cargo business.  To achieve this, it has taken all the initiatives to enlarge its global reach. Serving more than 140 destinations in the world, it makes use of more than 140 aircrafts to send cargoes. Its range of air-crafts consists of air-bus 330 and Boeing 770 freighters. It flies the cargo air-crafts to Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle-east Asia, and North-Asia. It has extended its services to multiple destinations in all these nations but still keep on adding new locations to its service network. It has substantially improved its Doha hub for business by adding staff and business and ensuring cargo deliveries take place efficiently and continuously.

Qatar Cargo

Highlights of its services

Quality in service – It has always given quality the top priority in its range of services. Giving highest importance to time and reach, it has constantly endeavored to deliver the goods by air in time.

Trustworthy services – As it has acquired credibility for its superiority in services, the trustworthiness has got it wide acceptability in the industries. Over the years, its clientele has grown due to the superior quality in service.

World-class network – It has associated itself with more and more associates to create a world-class network that could take care of all the demands from the customers.

Express services – When speed is the only thing that matters, Qatar has its express services that could make the goods reach the destinations within one day.

Transportation of livestock – It has special containers that could transport animals to far-off destinations by air.  The experts in its network take care of the animals without harming them in the least during transit.

Transportation of dangerous cargoes –  Be it inflammable or explosive items, the company has the expertise to transport all such dangerous goods within complete safety measures. Under the guidances of IATA, it makes sure that there is no risk during transportation.

Services for over-sized cargoes – It has special containers that could easily carry oversized cargoes like automobiles and machineries. Be it any odd size, the special containers could take those with ease and convenience.

Qatar Cargo Excellent customer care – with its excellent customer-care measures, it gives individualized accounts to its each customer and the customers could log in as and when they want and know the status of their pending consignments.

For making general queries, they could log on to Contact Us page and fill in the online questionnaire and click on the ‘submit’ button. The customer-care would give a reply soon.

For getting replies of their queries, they could call  and talk to the customer-care representatives.

Customer Care Number – +97-444235077

Qatar Airways Cargo Shipment Tracking   The customers can log into the individual accounts and know the status of their pending consignments in transit. Or use below Qatar Cargo tracking system to know the shipment status at one click with the help of  reference number –