Port Qasim Container

Port Quasim is known as Pakistan’s gateway to the world. It is one of this nation’s biggest port privatization projects in Pakistan. By constructing this port, the government of Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to the world trading community. The infrastructure and technology used in this port have always been ultramodern and for this it has been acclaimed as one of the best ports in the world. The container port only came up in Pakistan when the government felt the dire necessity of a container terminal inside the country. It was conceptualized and finally saw light of the day in the year 1995. After its commencement, the rapid growth achieved by it contributed highly to the growth of the nation. The formation of the container terminal at port Quasim brought in its wake job opportunities for the youth in Pakistan and business prospects for the local business community in Pakistan.

The Port Qasim from Pakistan

Environment – The management of the container terminal has consistently striven to offer good environment for its workers. It has best measures to make sure that nothing happens to the environment where it is operating. It makes regular mock drills to ensure that the work environment remains safe from dangers and risks.

Innovative operations– It has made sure through innovative measures that the functioning of the container terminal remains intact without any problem. It has introduced wireless telemitry systems, low cost RDTs, and gate automation. All these measures ensure hassle-free operations inside the container terminal.

Services by the container terminal

Services of equipment- The container terminal provides types of equipments for uplifting and carriage of materials.  It has lift and cranes to help in the containerization of materials from the port. This equipment is used for lifting goods from the ship to shores.

Services for yard equipments– Other than the equipment for the services for ship to shores, the container terminal also offers other yard equipments like rubber type gantry crane, reach stacker, empty handler, fork- lifter, and cherry picker.

Utilities the terminal offers- There are sorts of utilities the container terminal offers. Log on to this URL and click on the facilities at the top and you can inquire about anything that you want to avail in connection with the terminal facility.

Download the tariff– It offers varieties of tariff for its cargo services. Follow above mentioned link and click on the “downloads” to get complete ideas about the applicable tariff.

Track your booked containers – You can use below form in order to track the Port Qasim Container

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Just enter the “container number” and then click on “submit” button below. You will get the updated status of booked terminal container.