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You need to have unlimited expectations for quality services, once you hire the services of Kingsway transport services. Its services have greater utilities to meet your expectations in business. In case you need overnight transportation service in Quebec and Ontario, this undoubtedly is the company to give you complete service. With its intermodal service to western Canada and shipping in North America, Kingsway could serve you in every way to fulfill your necessities in transportation. With its range of efficacious solutions to serve its clients, it has now all top companies in its clientele.

The Kingsway Transport Company

Kingsway Transport Services

Best client relationship – Individualized customer relationship is something that Kingsway has always focused on forever. It has taken various measures in establishing its relationship with its prominent customers.  It is very much attentive towards the individual needs of its clients and serves them with responsiveness and responsibility. If your shipping needs are really complex, Kingsway could find ways to bring real solution to deliver the consignments in time and without any damage.

Round-the-clock availability – Kingsway’s services have always stayed exceptional. The first quality for this is its availability at anytime and anywhere in Quebec and Ontario. You could get the services 24×7 in 365 days in a year. This facility helps the company to stay in touch with its valuable clients and improve relationship.

Constant communication – It keeps constant communication and serves the clients through its flexible schedules. Its customer support team is most responsive to all the queries and suggestions from the clients.

Best solutions for trucking – It has one of the most impressive fleet of trucks to help in the transportation of goods and commodities and the companies have found that the solutions given for trucking are undoubtedly the best and convenient. The trucks have the capacity to transport every type of cargo.

Customer care – It has dedicated a complete web-page in its website for giving customer support. . You could go to the Contact page and fill up the web form and click on the “submit” button after giving your query.

Kingsway Toll Free Customer Care Number

Kingsway has given the toll free number 855-88-kings(54647) and you could talk to the representatives of customer care. You could also call 403-774-7377 and talk to the customer support to get the solution of your queries.

Mail your grievance – You could send a mail to and get reply of your queries. The customer care would revert back to you within a day or two.

Kingsway Transport Tracking

For tracking your consignment, you could call 403-774-7377and after giving details of your consignment the customer support would give you the status of your booking.

You could also use the toll free number 855-88-KINGS (54647) and get the latest updates about your consignment.