Air Arabia Cargo Tracking with AWB Number

Air Arabia is familiar everywhere as the most cost-effective and reliable carrier with air connections to more than 101 destinations in Middle-east, North-Africa, and Europe. Armed with excellent features in its services like comforts, dependability, and worth for money, Air Arabia has become one of the top service providers in all these regions.  The cargo services have excellent features that could assure highest satisfaction to all its clients by top quality cargo handling. The services could assure deliveries with fastness and without any damage to the clients. The customized packages have great efficiency to meet the exact needs of the clients.

Air Arabia Cargo Company

Air Arabia Services

  1. Speedy deliveries – By handling cargo services efficiently, it lays highest emphasis on speed in deliveries. Simultaneously, it makes sure that no damage takes place to the cargoes, while those pass in transit. Air Arabia could even prioritize cargo deliveries as per the clients’ necessity in terms of time and safety.
  2. Handling special cargo – Sending special cargoes is easy as never before by the special cargo services of Air Arabia. It offers variety of handling special cargo services.  Such specific solutions to meet the exact needs of the clients have proven their mettle time and again.
  3. Transportation of live animals – Your pets are as dear to you as your life and there is no doubt that Air Arabia could transport them from one end to other with great efficiency making sure no harm takes place to them during flight.
  4. Dangerous goods – When you need to transport inflammable or dangerous cargoes, Air Arabia could transport those with guaranteed assurance that no untoward incident would take place while those pass through transit. It has full-proof service that would not allow any such occurrence.
  5. Perishable goods – Be it delicate pharmaceutical items or food products, Air Arabia could handle those with its refrigerated temperature controlled transportation of perishable goods. The fruits and vegetables could stay garden fresh by its services for transporting perishable goods.
  6. Extensive warehousing – Air Arabia has established warehouses throughout its routes,. The warehouses have the installations of scientific systems that could keep the goods and commodities free from damage and loss in transit.

Air Arabia Customer Care
The company provided complete customer support for queries about cargo services. The Air Arabia company open its call center in several countries including UAE, India, Britain etc.

Customer Care Number

  • UAE: +971-6558-0000
  • India:  +91-12-4336-6444

Air Arabia Cargo Tracking
If you sent any goods using Air Arabia Cargo department then use tracking tool to check the status of shipment atone click. You can  track with the help of Air way bill numbers (awb numbers). You would get the status of your goods in transit instantly.