Air Mauritius Cargo Tracking Tool Online

Air Mauritius is one of the leading air cargo providers with offices all over the world.  In India, it has offices in the major cities and serves clients from leading industries. It has equally good services in air cargo and public transportation and in this business, air cargo accounts for more than 15% of its turnover. Serving 26 destinations through its network in 4 continents, it runs more than 80 flights in a week.  Geographically situated in-between Africa, Indian Ocean, and Europe, Mauritius is an important destination for business. As it serves as a natural transit hub, Air Mauritius has established its broad network to serve its clients in logistics management.

Air Mauritius Cargo Company

Air Mauritius Cargo Services

Widest network- Air Mauritius has its office in every important place in the world. It transports almost 1500 tons of cargo through its network through its network.  You could log on to and view its broad network all over the world. Let’s know about some of its important services, which help its clients in hassle-free transportation of cargo.

Carriage of delicate seafood –  As seafood is extremely delicate food item, Air Mauritius Cargo has specialty in handling such food items through round-the-clock  cold storage making sure that the seafood items stay as fresh as when those get booked for transportation.

Valuables – It could transport valuable items from airport to airport with guarantees about deliveries in safety. The clients could send safely items like gold, silver, and other valuables.

Careful handling of pharmaceutical products – Air Mauritius could handle all delicate pharmaceutical and surgery products during transportation by air.  It does not allow slight damage to life-saving drugs and delicate surgery products in transit.

A major textile items transporter – It has expertise in transporting all textile item on either priority basis or deferred basis of service.

Transportation of flower, fruits, and vegetables – It has equal expertise in transporting highly perishable items like flower, fruit, and vegetables.  For this, it gives round-the-clock cold storage and protection from damage.

Courier services -Adding to the above, it could transport documents, parcels, and other courier items through its broad network. It guarantees deliveries of such items in time and in complete safety.

Customer care–  It gives every type of help online. You could get customized solutions for your needs in logistics. The online customer care is available below. You could inquire about cargo rates, reserve cargo, and know the cargo schedules online. The complete customer care for cargo is available on the left side of the web-page.

Customer Care Number 

  • (230) 6033-634
  • (230) 6033-635

Email Address –


The Air Mauritius Cargo given track and trace option to check the status of air cargo at one click. Just add the prefix with the air bill number inside the box and click on ‘track’ below. This would give you updated status of your cargo in transit.