EVA Air Cargo Online Tracking for Freight

Eva Air is one of the top-most service givers in cargo handling business. Right from the days of its inception, it has given highest importance to technology and due to this, it has taken the front rank in providing service in the cargo industry. It maintains complete information about its fleet of freighters online helping everyone access information all the time. Moreover, its customer-friendly website given below, that gives point-by-point information about cargo booking and tracking. Besides technology, it also gives online help in booking, billing, and every type of activity. User-friendliness in interaction with customers has resulted in highest productivity in activities and for this Eva is one of the topmost cargo forwarding companies in the world.

Eva Air Cargo Company

Highlights of its activities

Eva Express service – Eva express service gives priority to cargo movement that needs extreme time management and efficient handling. The major feature of this service is Eva accepts the cargo late and delivers at the sharp point of time that the customers need the most. In this service, the transportation for express shipments is available in the Eva air online destinations. All such consignments marked for “express delivery” get dispatched by BR passenger flights exclusively. Such consignments get priority because of the urgent nature of deliveries.

Eva priority products – This exclusive service known as ‘priority service’ is only for the passenger and freighter flights. It gives priority space access and gets flown as booked commitment between airport and airport through Eva air network.

Calculation through unit load devices – It has introduced various unit load devices to help the customers with various loading procedure necessities.  The customers can get complete information as per their requirements on official website.

Cargo care through special handling –  It could give special handling to

  1. Embargo items of dangerous items.
  2. Embargo items to livestock.

Privilege of e-booking – The clients also have an option to check the e-booking option and know about various details of bookings through e-freight.


Eva Air Cargo Customer Care – With Eva cargo almost everything takes online. The customers could log on to to the login page and get online booking, billing, and online tracking instantly. All such services are available at the click of the button.

  • Canada – +1-416-776-3659
  • USA – +1-404-2097-688
  • Australia – +43-1-70073-5574

Tracking- The most attractive point of its service is tracking. The customers could take up single search, multiple search, or tracking through personal account.

For this, the customers need to check above given tracking tool of Eva Air Cargo. They could do single search with MAWB number or multiple search with multiple MAWB numbers. They could login to their individualized accounts to track their pending consignments in transit.