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About Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM)

1976-the year that marked the birth of Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and since the days of its inception, it has given avant-garde ideas to shape up modern shipping. As a result, it has become one from the top five Trans-pacific, Trans-Pacific, Asia-Europe, Trans-Atlantic, and Inter-Asia carriers. With every ultimate focus excellence in service, it has achieved the position of being one of the top 10 shipping companies in the world. North China and South East Asia have stayed the niche markets for HMM.

Hyundai Merchant Marine  Shipping Company

Grand Service Profile

Fleet of ships– The fleet owned by HMM is simply grand in every aspect with an overwhelming number of 54 containers, 8 gas carriers, 27 tankers, and 73 bulk carriers. Totaling 162, the company’s strength in transportation is superb as it covers more than 50 nations on earth.

Service in NA Intermodal—with the help of customized software, HMM can give services in rail transportation. It has also introduced ‘double stack rail coordination’ in the important cities in the United States of America and for this its services have been appreciated world-wide.

Domestic service– It is also able to make long-distance deliveries though containers in America and other countries of the world.

Cargo of dangerous goods– It is another specialty, offered by HMM container and through this, it takes the responsibility of shifting dangerous cargo from one corner of the world to the other. The goods or materials which have been assigned the category belonging to the category that can cause risk to human life and property can be sent by its service.

Service for over-sized cargo– This is meant for sending over-sized cargo like automobiles, machineries and any other over-sized material that might need special handling and dispatch through containers.

Services by Reefer cargo– Reefer containers are special containers meant for transportation of delicate items. Be it any medicine or food items, the reefer containers given by HMM container can handle them most carefully.

Online Tracking to check shipping status– You can know the schedule that can fit your necessity for the transportation of goods using below form.

Just fill up the above form with container number of HMM and get the details of shipment that can fit your necessity.

Book online– This is another feature online where you can book the service online that you need. You can create and register your profile online and once your account is confirmed, you can login to do booking as and when you have the necessity.