Blue Anchor Line Container Tracking

Use this Blue Anchor Line tracking system in order to track and trace the shipment status of container, cargo etc with helpline number. Blue anchor line container is one of the top container service providers in the world. Founded by Lund, it was providing services for various containers between the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia from 1870 to 1970. Successively, the company taken some big decision to change the management and now-a-days, it provides services with its fleets of ships and different types of containers.

Blue Anchor Line tracking shipment

It is one of the companies in the world to provide multiple types of services with its range of containers. The containers could assure the parties about faultless carriage of goods and commodities across the globe. As an oldest company in this field, the services provided by it are only the best in the world.

Blue Anchor Line Tracking

In order to track the container or shipping line,just enter the tracking number provided by the Blue Anchor Line company. Please note that the reference or tracking number should be of 11 characters.

Blue Anchor Line shipment tracking

In order to find the current status of the Blue Anchor Line, user will have to enter any one of the available details:

  • Blue Anchor Line B/L or SWB No.
  • H/AWB Number
  • Customer Reference No.
  • Container Number
  • Package Number
  • Shipment Number

Just follow this URL to know the current status of your shipment.


Dry storage container service –  The giant among the container service providers could give the transportation of dry fruits and other commodities from one continent to other continent. The services could assure the customers of transportation of commodities without any damage.

Flat rack container service –  With the flat rack containers, the container service provider could take vehicles and machinery to far-off lands.

Open top Containers – If the party needs the service for transportation of goods and commodities of disproportionate sizes, the open top containers provided by Blue anchor line are only the best in the world.

Tunnel Container service – When the materials and goods have extreme lengths, the tunnel containers are only the best for transportation. Blue anchor line container service could take the materials, machineries, and goods to distant places and deliver at the inaccessible places with ease and comfort.

Open Size container service – Such open size containers could open from all sides and excessive quantities of materials could get transported to distant places through these containers.

Double door container service – Such service from Blue Anchor Line container service provider could load and unload with ease and comfort.

Refrigerated Containers –  The refrigerated containers from this service providers could easily take perishable commodities without incurring any damage to the goods and commodities in transit. Such services are of immense values as those could take perishable things of any type.

Special purpose containers –  The services provided through the special purpose containers could take special goods and commodities that requires caution in handling. The Company has great expertise in handling such goods.

Track your container online – For tracking log on to and tracking is available at the right side. You could track with the help of your reference number.

This would give the exact position of your container in transit.

Helpline Number

There is no such customer care number of Blue Anchor Line available on web, however they have an email ID: