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1878 was the year, when the iron hulled steamer Hideyoshi Maru undertook transportation of Mike coal from Kuchinotsu of Japan to the city of Shanghai. In the year 1984, Osaka Shosen Line came into existence. The days of maritime in the ocean continued till 1964, when Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) came in to existence by merger with other companies. Innovation marked the following years as this giant shipping company created history as it launched various path-breaking services or its clients.  Today, it has scripted a great story of success in golden letters in the history of transportation industry.

The Mitsui OSK Lines Cargo Shipping Company

Mitsui OSK Lines Activities

Services of dry bulkers – OSKhas the services of dry bulker to transport various essential items like iron ore, coal, and grain.

Service of tankers – It gives valuable service of carrying crude oil, refined petroleum products, liquefied chemical products through its tankers in the ocean.

Services by LNG carriers – OSK offers its LNG fleet to supply environment-friendly clean energy source.  The LNG carriers are very efficient in performing their work.

Offshore trading – Mitsui OSK does crude oil and LNG offshore production and gives services in matters of energy carriage.

Transportation of cars in seas MOL has cargo carriers for cars that could shift vehicles as well as construction machinery by environment-friendly ways.

Container ships – Mitsui OSK could transport a wide variety of cargoes in standard containers. Such internationally accepted carriers could transport things to various international destinations through a world network of routes.

Terminals – MOL has terminals with well-built infrastructure, which links sea with land. It links the sea with speed, accuracy, and competency.

Expert service for logistics – When the customers have specific needs for logistics, MOL fulfills their demands with great care and efficiency. It has always stayed fit to meet various needs of clients constructively, especially when the needs are for exports and imports.

Service through cruise ships – Mitsui OSK could offer great relaxation and enjoyment to its guests by taking them for a sail inside the sea in its luxurious cruise ships.

Service through ferries and coastal riders – It supports Japan’s largest coastal network, ultimately helping peoples’ day-to-day lives and living.

Mitsui OSK Customer Care

If you sent any shipment or wanted to send and have some question regarding their services then customers can call to the customer care number that is mentioned below –

  • India Office Customer Care Number – +91-22-4054-6300 (Mumbai) / 011-4999-0600 (Delhi)
  • USA Customer Support – 1-800-449-7575 /  +1-972-2577-103
  • UK Helpline Number – +44-2380-714500

Email ID –

Mitsui OSK Lines Tracking Solution

The customers who sent their goods using Mitsui OSK Lines cargo can check the status of shipment using tracking solution. Then they could track with the help of their B/L number or reference number.