CCNI Container Tracking Online

CNNI is very famous as a sea transporter throughout the world. Established in the year 1930, it has major presence in four continents. The year 2015 was a turning point for the Company as it was taken over by Hamburg Sud by the fag end of the month March. With its responsive and flexible shipping line, it has achieved a global expansion with superb growth.  In Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa it has developed powerful transport network.  The CNNI has this philosophical view to keep the customer solely in focus and serve whole-heartedly. It has lastingly implemented series of innovative measures to make the services better. As an organization with full-fledged services, it serves its customers with transportation services by containers and bulk transportation of cargo.

CCNI Shipping Line Company

Important parts of Services

Condor Service –  The company has a rolling schedule,  called condor service that takes care of south-bound and north- bound services in South America.  Such services are flexible and extremely efficient to solve the clients in an extremely coordinated and disciplined way.

MedAndes Service –  This unique service functions with five vessels with a reefer capacity of 200 per sailing  This service also covers north and south areas in the west coast of South America.  This top-end container service is a great support for the customers of this region.

AGAS Service –  This service is available only for a fixed day in a week. Carried by 6 vessels, this service is available from various ports of North and South America. With a reefer capacity of 500-600 per sailing, this is only a south- bound service.

ASPA Service –  This is a east-bound service available only on fixed day in a week. Operated with the help of 10 vessels, it has the vessel capacity of 4300-7100 TEU. Operating with reefer plugs of 500-1600, this service is available for various sea ports of Asia, Mexico and South America.

Expert Reefer Service –  Be it vegetables, medicines or any other perishable cargo, the reefer service offered by CCNI could prove its worth with its efficiency.

INTTRA Service –  It could book cargo electronically by logging to its webpage Inttra and clicking on the related link on this page.

CCNI Customer Care –  It makes almost every help available online with the help of its website.  You could log on go to the Contact Us link where you can find the online form that can be used to communicated with the customer support.

CCNI  Tracking –  It has dedicated a webpage for tracking.  You could log on to the website or use below too to track with the help of your B/L numbers. You could do multiple searches to avail the latest updates about the status of your pending consignments for deliveries.