Danmar Lines Shipping

Danmar Lines ltd is one of the companies of DHL Ltd. This company has its registered office in Switzerland. Basically, it takes care of all the shipping that takes place along the sea-route by DHL. When you want to send the consignment through the sea route, it can be very reliable as a service provider through container and shipping. This part of service by Danmar of DHL is called ‘Ocean freight service’.


As you know, DHL is a renowned organization in courier and transportation and it has got world-wide services with its wide-spread network. In the world, its name is synonymous with quality and trust and you get self-assured that your consignment, courier, or parcel would reach the destination in time without the chances of any trouble on the way.

Let’s see some of the highlights of the services by Danmar (DHL) lines Ltd.

  1. You can visit this link and view the features of ‘Ocean freight services’, which is exclusively, handled Danmar Lines Ltd of DHL group.
  2. On this page, you can download the brochure and the link for the same is given at the center of the page.
  3. You can also download ‘ocean freight conditions of carriage’ by Danmar.
  4. Danmar also gives some exclusive services for the privilege of its customers.  In case, you do not require a full container, you can hire a part of space of the container and reserve it to send your goods across the seas. You can also take the service of a full container. Danmar gives the privilege of sending goods through the conventional and non-containerized system.  Danmar’s services are more economical than air and faster than ocean-freight charges.

How Danmar Lines tracking systems works?

The Danmar Line Shipping company providing option to check the status of the shipment.   Follow this URL that will take you to the new window which will look like this:

Danmar Lines Container Tracking

Now enter the container number, which you have booked along with the shipment number. Then press the ‘track’ with the help of your mouse. You will get the right position and status of your goods in the container.