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Ward shipping has always stayed ahead with its one principle in doing business; it has stayed most responsive to the needs of logistics and shipping of its clients. Delivering committed customer services in the various fields of transportation, such as less than truckload (LTL), truckload, 3rd party logistics, and brokerage services, it has stayed ahead in transportation business. Ward trucking has always made best use of scientific logistics management and razor-sharp applications of time control in making delivering across the destinations, where it serves in United States of America. Technology has stayed part of its integrated solutions for logistics and for this it has always rendered the best services for its clients.

The Ward Trucking Company

Highlights of its services

Its services come mainly in four categories, such as less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), logistics, and brokerage services.

Less than truckload (LTL) services – When you need the carriage for less-than-truckload carriage of your cargo, it is worth considering the service offered by Ward. It is scientific in every way and gives you peace of mind with time sensitive and prompt deliveries. In U.S.A., the LTL services offered by Ward have stayed premium integrated solution for logistics. It has most competitive services for more than 12 states and it also delivers through its associates in another 13 states.

Premium truck-load services – The truck load services offered by Ward are equally efficient. With its short-haul and long-haul services in states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, the services are also good for north-east and Mid-Atlantic States.

Logistics – Ward has best cus tomized solutions in supply chain management. As a matter of fact, this has stayed its core business for a long time. With more than 70 years of experience in full service and asset-based logistics, it is one of the champions in giving services for freight management, warehousing, and supply chain business.

Brokerage – When you do not need full-service logistics, you could use a pro to simplify your needs for logistics. The services for brokerage help you to do this as your needs for shipping are less. The cost-effective combination of services by Ward in giving brokerage services for the parties with limited number of shipping needs is a favorite solution for many companies.

Customer Care – You could call its Ward Trucking customer care on below give toll free number  and get immediate solutions of your needs for logistics.

  • Toll Free Number – 800-458-3625
  • Fax Number – 814-786-8345

It has several online customer care tools like rate quotes, requests for pick-ups, and other services.

Ward Trucking Tracking
You could register your details in a separate account in its website and log in any time to know the status of your consignment in transit.

Or alternatively you can use below tool to track and trace the Ward Trucking and mention your ‘pro number’ inside the box and then click on “go” to track the status of your consignment in transit.