K Line Container Tracking

Kasasaki Kishen Kaisha ltd is a major company in shipping in Japan which is also known as K Line. It is the owner of large cargo ships and the fleet has bulk carriers, containers, container terminals, gas carriers, ro-ro ships, and big tankers. Due to its sheer size, it has occupied the 16th position in the world. It’s providing its shipping services across the world from United States, India (Chennai), Australia, Sri Lanka to other countries.

K Line Shipping Container Company from Japan


Due to its large-scale operations in the world of shipping, it has become too much familiar and people have come to call it “K-Line”. Established in the year 1919, it has a paid-up capital of almost 30,000 million yen. Other than shipping and container service, it also has a distinguished position in marine transportation, insurance agency, warehousing, and land transportation.

Brief about K Line’s services

Containers- It has large number of containers and though its services, it connects various parts in the world, such as Asia, Europe, North and South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

Bulk carriers- Take for example, you have to send raw materials for industrial production, K-Line has services by means of its bulk carriers. The bulk line carriers help the supply and transportation of raw-maters to various countries, where industries are developing rapidly.

Carrier facility for cars– Now-a-days, various nations in the world have opened their doors for securing automobiles from Japanese companies. The demand is growing for the cars, two-wheelers, and other types of vehicles from Japan. As it is, the Japanese automobiles have great capacity in them to meet the quality and standard in the cars, which the other parts of the world need. Kline is considered as a great carrier of cars.

Modern tracking facility and e-commerce solutions– It has integrated e-commerce solutions and modern tracking facility in its website.

K Line Tracking System

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