FCIU Container Tracking & Customer Care

The FCIU shipping company given container tracking option to check the status of your cargo at one click. Find the customer care number & email address. Today the Florens container services provide containers in the brand name of FCIU. As a committed service giver in this field, it has continued leasing of container services since the year 1987. In the last 27 years of journey in this business, it has never stepped back in its quest for perfection as a service provider and completely succeeded in wooing top companies in its clientele. Beginning with its “refrigerated and dry containers”, it gradually shifted to leasing of high-cube and other types of containers. With the rise in its business, it took rapid expansions all over the world and opened depots and offices to help its customers. As an organization, it has most of important clients from the industries and such top companies are from America, Europe, and Asia.

FCUI Shipping Line Company

FCIU services

Depots- it maintains detailed addresses of its depots online. You need to simply choose a market and the name of the port and click on “retrieve” button below. It would give you the name of the particular “depot”.

Know the exact “exchange rate” of currency- You could select and know the exact exchange rate of any currency online.

Knowledge about technical documents- It gives complete knowledge about all the technical knowledge about preparing all the relevant technical documents.

How to know about its Container Services?-  You can go to the ‘Help Section’ and click on “equipment” at the top of the page. It shows you information about container services in detail. You could make an inquiry about a unit of container as well as get the specifications about its size and capacity.

FCIU Customer care

Florens gives unique customer care to its clients through various methods. Anyone wishing to know about its services could log on to http://www.florens.com/ and click on “contact us” at the top. In case, you wish to know about its services in North, Central, or South America, you could mail to:

contact@florens.com or customerservice@florens.com. In the same way, you could contact Europe, India, and South America. It also maintains link for making contact with Asia and Australia.

You could log on to the same web page and click on “help” page to get any desirable help. This page makes almost all help available online by web-based services in customer care. You could submit your query in a form and get a reply within no time.

Registered accounts– As a client, you could register your profile and log on to your account as and when you need to inquire about any service or make a request for any type of service. 

Know about its other online services

You could log on to the Customer Login page  and know about other online services. It gives detailed information about inventory, booking, redelivery, M& R replacement value, resale inventory and other reports online.

Tracking facility for FLORENS (FCIU) containers

In case, you have a registered account, you could just follow beloin to it as and when you need and track about your updates of status of containers.

You could log on to and track about your booked containers on this page.