Rajkamal Transport Company

Rajkamal Transport Company is the only organization in India that takes care of your true worries for trouble-free and safe shifting of your personal belongings. Over the years in the past, it has kept pace with the economic development of the country. Being an organization run solely by experienced professionals, it attaches immense value to the cargo of its esteemed clients. Operating through a large network of agents and branches, it has made its presence felt in every nook and corner of the nation. Approximately, it transports around 1000 tons of goods and commodities through its network and vehicles. To top the above, it has the most impressive fleet of commercial vehicles and maintains them as per the world-class standard. Over the years, it has hundreds of satisfied clients from every part of the industry because of its world class services.

Raj Kamal Transport

Rajkamal Transport-only the best in services

  1. Highest priority to time and speed- Giving top priority to “time and speed”, Raj Kamal transport delivers the services with complete precision in time and speed. Assuring damage free services in transit, it transports the consignment in perfect condition so far as the norms in services go.
  2. Economical service charges- Rajkamal transport gives services at most competitive fees. It has the best competitive tariff plan in industry. The clients have trust on it because they have always received the best in terms of price.
  3. Extensive warehousing- Rajkamal transport has its warehouses almost at every strategic places in India. It manages your goods and services through scientific warehousing of goods, ensuring there would occur no damage to your consignment.
  4. The best in supply chain management- With its excellent warehouses at all the important places in India it gives the best in supply chain management to its clients in every corner of the nation. Its channel partners have equal strength to meet the challenges from modern- day transportation.
  5. Best streamlined services in logistical support- With its network and services it gives you the best in logistical support. It could make your cargo reach the inaccessible spots with ease and convenience.
  6. 24×7 Customer-care- It could give you uninterrupted customer- care with its dedicated executives working round-the-clock for your convenience. You would get all information and help from its customer-care.

Tracking and customerCare 

Call to Raj Kamal Transport Customer Care – You could call its customer care by the following telephone numbers of different parts of India:

Mumbai – 022-23478-924 or, 91-93233-95471

Delhi – 0120-2754-211 / 2420-477,

Hyderabad – 040-2784-6475

Dehradun – 098370-89695

The customer-care representatives in the above numbers would attend to all your queries.

You could call the above numbers to get replies about queries for tracking. It has enabled fully computerized systems to access the status of your goods and services and give you immediate reply.