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Batco Roadways Transport came into existence six decades back with a commitment towards serving the surface transportation and logistical needs of people with trust-worthy, secure, and punctual services. This giant in courier service has maintained a flawless record in for reaching the destinations, where the industrial and business units find it tough to reach otherwise. Despite the fact that surface transport companies do not get any insurance coverage and ultimately bear the total loss, when those  attempt reaching inaccessible parts of the nation with cargo. It touches more than 200 important cities, towns, and other places in southern, western, and central India despite the hardships in the roads and tough climate.

Batco Roadways Company

How has Batco served over the years?

  1. Great logistical support – For secure and timely deliveries, Batco takes the complete understanding about secure and punctual cargo deliveries that the industries need too much. It has sharpened its services with the help of technology and supply chain management ensuring that no delay takes place in making the deliveries across the destinations.
  2. Value added services – With the help of its innovative services it has continued to grow in the market. Adding values to its services, it has enriched the concepts of its services and continued to contribute to the growth of the industries.
  3. Support through supply chain management – To make uninterrupted services available for the industries, it has various supportive services through supply chain management. Its tools in supply chain management have all the edges of sophistication to help in this cause.
  4. Logistical support for critical cargo management – Logistics play the most decisive role in the industrial growth of a nation. Often, it becomes difficult to reach the inaccessible parts of the country with project cargo, where an industrial unit undergoes construction. As it combines technology with the latest from logistics management, it delivers critical cargoes with the help of well-maintained fleet of vehicles.
  5. Largest warehousing – Batco has created large warehouses for its important stockings of goods and commodities. It stores its goods and commodities with the help of best scientific store management tools.
  6. Highest safety for cargo – It has maintained record safety in the transportation of cargoes. For this, banks have extended their approval for its business in transportation.

Developed Customer Care – Log on to its contact page” and you could fill up the customer-care form and take any information from the customer-care.

Customer Support email address – You could send a mail to and the customer care would reach soon.

Extending care through exclusive service stations– As BATCO has created 32 booking and 11 delivery stations. You could log on to its to know about its exclusive service stations at five important states in India, such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. You could know about the area map in detail to get ideas about its services.

Track Batco Roadways Online – You could track online by  going through the official website here and click on ‘Cargo Tracking’ from the top navigation and track with the help of your consignment number”.