Southwestern Motor Transport Terminals Tracking

The year 1930 marked the beginning of South Western Motor Transport Company with one truck in service. It took years of hard work and determination to build up the network in business. Roy Gilbert Sr.-the genius in transportation business-who started this, had one second-hand truck in his hand and he used it to transport goods to San Antonio, Cotulla, and TX. At the inception, he named the company as Gilbert truck line. After two decades of grueling hard-work, he bought South Western motor transport company with an amazing fleet of 100 trucks. Sixties and seventies brought him tremendous growth and development and particularly in eighties, he extended the service to the Midwest and Southeastern states. As of today, it has extended its services to Mexico, Canada, and most parts of United States.

Southwestern motor transport company

Range of services-

Leader in LTL Services – It has increased its activities in different areas of transportation in the last decades. With an impressive carrier service, it has extended LTL services to almost 14 states in U.S.A. It has developed network of its subsidiaries to serve the rest parts of Mexico, Canada, and United States.

Operations through truckloads – Running the truckload containerized services for by thru-trailer entry ports inside Canada and Mexico, it has established services in different parts of Canada. To know about its various activities in truckload services, the customers could log on to and click on the “truckload” services at the left of the web-page to know more in detail about various features of its services.

Wing Express – Be it a holiday, weekend, day or night deliveries, South western transport could deliver with pin-point accuracy at the place where you need your cargo to reach. Through customized solutions by this unique service, its services could make your cargo reach at the exact destination.

Warehousing and distribution – It has extensive network of warehouses and efficiently makes distribution at the places in Canada, Mexico, and most of the places in United States of America.

Elaborate Customer Care

You could log on to and click on the customer service on the left side. South Western transport offers a dedicated customer care page to take care of service requests and queries from customers.

Let’s know about the online services, which it could offer you.

  1. You could make A-Z in requests online and get help from its customer care. Click on the particular link to get help from it.
  2. You could lodge your inquiries online and do tracking and tracing online.
  3. You could find the points, where you want the services.
  4. On this page, South Western transport also gives all information about transit and you could wish to get email and alerts regarding all such related information.

Tracking of cargo

Log on to the page and “shipment tracing” is available on the left side. You need to give your consignment number and click on “get Pro” below to know the latest position of your cargo.