Expeditors International Shipment Tracking

Expeditors is market leader in the world in logistics business.  It has established its head-office in Seattle of Washington D.C…  Being a prominent company, it has in its payroll more than 14,600 employees in offices at 250 locations in six continents. It’s customized- solutions have always met the expectations of the industries which need solutions for their logistical needs. Helping them with its customized solutions and seamless integrated systems, it has stayed ahead of its every competitor in the field.  When it comes to its services, it almost has the A-Z in it and for this the customers always appreciate it as it is an incomparable shipping organization with every solution under one roof.

Expeditors Shipping Company

Expeditors Shipment Services

  1. Air and ocean freight – Expeditors could very efficiently discharge the duty of an ocean and air freight forwarder. The services have all the utilities necessary for consolidation and forwarding.
  2. Customs brokerage – It could also discharge the duty of customs clearance making sure that all the necessary paraphernalia for the customs clearance is in place.
  3. Vendor consolidation– It could also consolidate the role of vendor with its range of services.
  4. Cargo insurance – All the cargoes transported through its services get transported with insurance in order to take care of any loss and damage in transit.
  5. Time-definite transportation – It could assure guaranteed deliveries at the right time at most of the locations without any chance of loss or damage in transit.
  6. Order management – On behalf of customers, Expeditors could do excellent order management.
  7. Warehousing – Expeditors has set up warehouses throughout the routes of its transportation and all the warehouses have scientific installations that could take care of all types of goods for any period of time.
  8. Distribution – It has engaged ultra-modern methods for the distribution of goods and commodities and it makes sure the distributions take place strictly in time.
  9. Risk management – As it covers all its cargoes through insurance coverage; those take care of the risks involved in transit during transportation. The risk management coverage is full-fledged and it takes care of complete security of the consignments.

Expeditors Customer support–  Expeditors gives the following customer support to its customers online;

  1. You could log on to http://www.expeditors.com/ and click on ‘contact us’ to fill up the online questionnaire and submit online to get a reply.
  2. You could click on “find an office” in order to get the nearest office from your home.
  3. You could click on the ‘track customer events’ to get the details of events taking place inside the company.

Customer Care Number
India Office – +91-7966168931 / +91-42842800 / +91-4433770300

Expeditors Shipment Tracking   The company provided online option to check the status of the shipment.  Just mention the reference number inside the box of the web-page below. As you click on the ‘submit’ button, you would get the latest status of your consignment.

Above it, you could click on the ‘login here’ and log on to your account to trace the status of your pending consignments.