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As a transporter, Midland began its transportation business in the year 1970. Its services originated from middle land of Nava Scotia. It had a humble beginning only with 6 trucks and a few workers and initially it operated only in smaller areas. There goes no doubt that in more than 4 decades of operations, it has gone through phenomenal growth with staff strength of 1500 employees. With an ability to deliver even a small piece or an entire truckload, it is now endowed with superior ability to serve its clientele. It has forever kept the noble aim of giving the best quality of transportation and solutions for logistics.

Midland Transport Limited

Midland Transport Services

Less-than-truckload service –  The clients might have the necessity for transporting less-than-truckload goods to different destinations, Midland transport company could give the most flexible and reliable in logistics for moving goods from one end to other.  The services are available for Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and the north-eastern United States.

Service for truckload service –  As a reliable service provider, it gives the most reliable and flexible service for truckload carriage of goods and materials. Such specialized services are available for Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and North-eastern states.

Service for inter-modal transportation –  When parties are looking for economical services without minding more time spent for the deliveries, Midland has inter-modal transportation service that could make deliveries at the doorsteps of the customers at lesser prices but within a little more time.

Service through refrigerated containers –   With its long experience in food products handling, it has  service for sending food products through refrigerated service to various destinations across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Quebec.

Service for cross-border transportation –  With its division Midland Unline for less-than-truckload service; it could give reliable and quick service between United States and Canada.

Service for transportation of frozen Sea-food –  It has another dedicated division namely coastline that could give service to handle the transportation of sea food for fishing and aquaculture industries. It has specialized exposure in this for the last three decades.

Service through containers – It has specialized service for port-to-port transportation and this service is available between Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and the United States.

Customer Care –  As it has engaged full-fledged online customer care, the clients can go to the official website and click on ‘customer tools’ available at the top of the web-page and take the benefits of knowing all about transportation.

They could mail to the support team and get solutions for their needs of logistics.

Email –  customerservice@midlandtransport.com

Phone Number – 888-643-5263

Midland Transport Tracking
The customers who sent goods or parcel using Midland Transport can check the status using tracking tool given below.

They could click on “track shipments” on the left side of the web-page and track with the help of pro-bill numbers separated by commas.