Global Express Courier Online Tracking

The Global Express Courier company given tracking solution to check the status of courier or parcel you sent with customer care number in India. Today the Global Express Courier has always stayed the most reliable, safe, and money-spinning service provider in courier and logistics industry.  Be it a document or parcel, you could trust this courier service provider confidently. Established in the nineties, it spread its network in five continents and now it has the fame to rank among the top ten courier service providers in the world. The major areas of its service are in the area of giving deliveries of most important and secrete documents with speed and efficiency. Right from the year 1996, it has earned the distinction of being the most trust-worthy service provider in the industry.

Global Express Courier Company

Global Express Courier Tracking

You could fill up the online inquiry form on the web-page and submit it for getting a reply from customer-care. The online ‘enquiry form’ is available on the web-page on the right side.

Additionally to know the current status of the courier, simply contact Global Express Courier company on below number or drop an email to check the live status.

Global Express Courier Customer Care

It has always stayed on friendliest terms with its clients through its customer care. The clients could mail to and get a quick response from its customer-care representatives.

Customer Care Number –  You could give a ring to its customer care using the number 0944409785 and send a fax to 044-944009785.

Highlights of its services

It has divided its services into two categories, such as international and national. Both types of services have excellent cargo management and the company gives top-class integrated solutions for its clients all over the world.


  1. It helps its clients with ‘express document’ service.
  2. It has top-quality parcel service for all its clients.
  3. It could take up the responsibility of making collection on behalf of its customers.
  4. It has special import service for the clients engaged in import business.
  5. It could handle mailing service on behalf of its clients.
  6. Other than this, it also has special ‘mailing’ service for its clients.

Domestic, Intra-city, and national services

  1. It gives top-quality out-bound service for documents and parcels in India.
  2. It is also a specialist service provider for documents and parcels.
  3. Even inside India, it could make collection on behalf of its clients.
  4. Besides this, it has designed special service for its distinguished clients.
  5. Inside city, it could give fastest deliveries of documents and parcels in minimum time.
  6. It could handle the mailing needs of its domestic clients.


Check Status – You could log in to your registered account and track the details of your pending consignments in transit. For the facility of tracking, you need to log on to and the registration of personal details is available on right side of the web-page.

Send a mail– For getting the whereabouts of your pending consignments in transit, you could send a mail to and get a quick response.