NYK Line Container Tracking

If there is any environment friendly container service provider in the world, it is definitely NYK line container service of Japan. Its basic objective has always been to serve the society through many ways. Its services encompass ocean, land, and air transport services and all of them have great service aspects in giving clean and environment –friendly containers to their clients.

NYK Line Container from Japan

Highlights of its services

The group is a world based logistics service provider in different forms of sea transport.  Be it global logistics business, bulk energy movement or any other related business, NYK’s services are sharpened to meet the demands of them in every possible way. Moreover, its ocean, land, and air transport network span over the entire world and it places great emphasis on the aspect of ‘value’ of the products transported through its network.

Let’s see the types of services it provides to its clients;

  • Unbeatable global logistics– As the world’s global logistics service provider, it can provide logistical support through liner trade, air cargo transportation, and logistics.
  • Bulk shipping service provider- the bulk services include all the important services, such as car transport, dry bulk transport, tanker transportation services of crude oil, petroleum products, and LPG and tanker transport services.
  • Best cruise services- It has the best cruise services. Its cruise services are named as NYK Cruse services Ltd.
  • Unique e-commerce solutions- You can log on to take benefits of its host of e-commerce applications, such as B/L processing, booking, customized report, enquiries about reports, alerts about shipments, shipment data, and rules and regulations about shipping.

Log on to http://www2.nykline.com/ and make an enquiry about your need for shipment and other related queries. You can know precisely with the help of the available e-commerce solutions about your exact rate for container services.

Specialized container services

The containers are designed to carry oversized goods like machinery and vehicles. Those can also carry dangerous cargo with great care, causing least damage to the environment and ecology. The containers have complete damage protection and NYK ensures that your booked consignments reach their destinations in complete safety.

Track your containers

On above screen you can find the ‘container tracking’. You can enter the B/L number one by one and press on the ‘track’ below. The exact status of your booked container will come in a flash.