Chittagong Port (Bangladesh) Container Tracking

Chittagong port is the main seaport in Bangladesh that takes of more than 92% import and export trade of the nation.  There goes no doubt that it contributes enormously for building up the national economy. The port has ceaselessly contributed to providing all the essential services and facilities to every user at most competitive pricing. Over the years, the port has shown remarkable improvement in handling of containers. At the same pace, it has also optimized the utilization of berths and yards to the highest extent possible. Only due to its presence, it has become easier for the nation to become an economic gateway in South Asia. Moreover, the sophisticated computerized operations have made the port at par with the rest of the world.

Chittagong Port Authority

Chittagong Port Services and products

Sufficient jetties and moorings –  It has developed six number of general berths and 11 number of container berths. To add to it, it also has specialized berths for bulk handling of cargoes. Various types of jetties are specialized berths assigned for bulk handling of cargo. It also has repair berths and both the dry dock jetties could take care of all such necessities.

Plenty of cargo storage space –  It has reserved a vast area under its protection for the purpose of cargo storage. With nine transit sheds, four warehouses, and one car shed, it has highest space reserved for storage and safe-keeping of cargo.

Enough equipment for cargo handling –  As its infrastructure for cargo handling is more than enough, it has also provided an number of equipment for cargo handling. It has under its possession forklift truck, mobile crane, industrial tractor, heavy and light trailors, and share crane and thone could help in lifting and loading thousands of tons of cargo inside containers.

Computerized operations –  The billing system in Chittagong port is fully computerized. Not only the billing but other things like payroll, computerized pay gate system, and port trade automation system, and hospital management system are also completely computerized to render quick and effective services to the customers.

Inland depot for containers –  It has a dedicated inland container depot at Dhaka and this came in to existence in the year 1987. With a container handling capacity of 4067 TEUs and a dedicated space of 136954 square meter of space, the containers get best handling at this place.

Chittagong Port Authority Customer Care   For any relevant information, you could send a mail requesting information to and get the requested information at the earliest.

You could also call 880-31-2522200-29 (PABX) and talk to the customer-care for any necessity of information.

You could also go to the Contact Us page to get any information for making contact with the customer-care.

Chittagong Port Tracking Solution –  For getting tracking related information, you could call +880-31-2522200—29(PABX) and talk to the customer-care to get any tracking information of containers pending for deliveries. You could also request the same information by sending a mail to and get the right solution from the authorities of the port.