Axpress Logistics Online Tracking, Customer Care Number

When it comes to giving express distribution service in India, axpress logistics service has unique place in the last one decade. Right from its beginning in the year 2002, it has taken giant strides in the last years. Beginning with services between Delhi and Pune , it expanded to east, west, north, and south and it has now in place a well-built network throughout the nation. The unique thing is it has always focused on the true needs of the customers. Knowing well that the customers need true service in getting timely deliveries at the exact destinations, it has made the best use of operation management in the cargo transportation of customers. The great thing in its operations is it has never engaged vehicles of its own; it has created largest network of “associates” and served its clientele through them. This has given scope to several parties, who were keen on developing spirit for entrepreneurship and do something on their own. Those partiess have become its associates and become vital parts of its service network.

Axpress Logistics Company in India

Important services by Axpress Logistics

  1. Express services – Engaging services through rail, road, and by air, it has in place a well-built infrastructure in place. It operates with the help of latest in technology and makes sure that the sender gets his consignments delivered at the doorsteps at exact time through integrated, flawless, and economical ways without the least scope for damage. It gives express premium services by air, express super services by train, and express services by train.
  2. Best warehousing and transportation – It has at its disposal the best of warehousing solutions, such as services for transportation and storage of bonded, raw materials, and finished goods. If a business house has the supply chain that requires solutions for transportation of all such unfinished, half-finished, or fully finished goods, axpress could help in the transportation of all these goods with complete assurance about deliveries in time and freedom from damage in transit.
  3. Party logistics, packaging, and forwarding – It has engaged great sources as 3rd party logistics providers and effective packers with the ability of fast forwarding. Making use of technology in areas like packaging and fleet management, it has come to meet near perfection in giving services to the parties. Adding efficiency to advantages of logistics, it has the best in cost reduction and focus on improvement of core business.

Axpress Logistics Customer Care

With an interactive website, it has enabled facilities for tracking and personal account registration in this portal by it and it gives the customers to track at any given time.  The customers could login to their account to do multiple operations and take benefit of the online tracking.

Axpress Logistics Tracking System

The customers could login to their accounts and track from their accounts about the consignments in transit.

They could log on to and click on “track” at the top and track with their “docket number” to get the latest updates about the status of their consignments in transit.