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Sinkor began the first container service between Korea and China with a beginning of diplomatic relations in the year 1989. With the launching of this service, it also played a role in bringing improvement in economy and employment scenario in both the nations. Such a role played by Sinkor removed tension between China and Korea and made the relationship normal. Such improvement in service resulted in the non-stop service of containers between China and Korea. With improvisations and innovation in services, the cost of transportation through containers went down a lot and facilitated movement of cargoes between two nations to a great extent.

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Container service –  With consistent hard efforts to give better services Sinkor has enabled almost every type of container service. Be it any kind of cargo, this giant in container service providers could transport it between China and Korea.

Perishable Cargo –    You might have any type of delicate and perishable cargo like food products or medicines but the service provided by its reefer containers could take them to any part of two nations.

Over-sized Cargo – If you have an over-sized machinery or vehicle, Sinkor has the right type of container to take it safely to various parts of these two nations. Such containers are specially manufactured to accommodate over-sized cargo and ship those to distant parts in the world.

Special purpose cargo –  When the shipment is delicate and requires special handling, Sinkor has special purpose containers to take the shipment to different parts of two nations.

Less than container service –  When you have anything that would not require a complete container load, the less-than-container service could fulfill the purpose of taking the cargo at much reasonable tariff and this service is completely hassle-free.

Extensive warehousing –  It has set up warehouses strategically at all important places to stock the cargo safely until delivery. Offering full-fledged services in less-than-container and consolidation services to the ports of Japan, China and Korea, it offers flexible services between China, Korea, and China.

Best support for logistics –  The container services could help in forming top-end logistical solutions. As it becomes very helpful in logistical support many companies have opted for this service.

Sinokor Merchant Marine Customer Care –  Either you can log on to the official website or take the help of online ‘support center’ and click on the “e-service” to avail all types of help and information online.

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Sinokor Merchant Marine Tracking –  Log on to the official website and tracking facility is available on the right corner at the bottom of the page. You could make a search by B/L number or CNTR number to get the latest status of your cargo pending in transit. If you have a registered account, you could log in with the ‘user name’ and password’ to get the latest status of the cargo.

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