Hanjin Shipping Container Tracking

Hanjin Container service is a part of Hanjin Shipping co. Ltd. It is one of the major companies in the world, giving services in shipping and logistics. Since, its beginning, it has always gone through expansions and secured a place among the top 10 companies in the world.

Hanjin Shipping Company

The company makes use of 60 ships, gantry cranes, and stamp trade services throughout the world. It ships your goods and commodities with the help of almost 4 million TEU containers in a particular year.

Highlights of its other services

Service through containers- It does the transportation of goods and commodities with the help of 4 million TEU containers. Hanjin renders this service through the services of 104 ships. .

Bulk Service– Not only, it sends A to Z in goods and commodities but it has also made collaboration with other shipping companies in the world to send more delicate items like crude oil and chemicals.

Terminals–  It has 14 dockyards of its own to take care of various shipping needs of its customers. The dockyards are located throughout the world to help its activities in shipping.

Services of 3rd party logistics– By mutual collaboration, Hanjin shipping and Hanjin logistics have enabled their shipping division to provide logistics to the third parties. It has 13 dedicated terminals to ensure that this service is rendered perfectly.

Services in ship repair– It also owns a division in ship repairs and it is located in Shanghai. It can render the broad range of repairing works for the ships.

Hanjin Tracking System

Below you can track Hanjin Shipping container.

Just enter your Hanjin unique ciode in order to track and trace thes status of Hanjin logistics.