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Being a business enterprise with several business interests, Adani group is a conglomerate and pioneer in private sector infrastructure development. Moreover, its business endeavors are present across all the continents. Although, the foundation of this group was laid in the year 1988, the group has taken quantum leaps in business in the last four decades. With wide-range of activities in global trading, coal mining, power generation, oil and natural gas exploration, natural gas distribution, logistics, ports, reality development, it has also established its presence in special economic zones.  Despite the sky-touching achievement, Adani group has not in the least deviated from its three ideaogies; trust, courage, and innovation.  For this, it has become a really successful business leader in various business segments.

Adani Port Company

Adani Port Services and Products

Unique port facilities – Adani ports and special economic Zones Ltd has established its infrastructure in the Gulf of Kutch on the west coast of India. Besides this, it has also established its presence in other ports like Mundra, Hazira, and Dahej ports. Its facilities available in the terminals of Murmugao terminal, Vizag terminal and Kandala terminals are unique in every aspect. Mundra special economic zone and Adani logistics Limited are two pioneering organizations in the field of container services.

Special Economic Zone –   Besides giving multi-modal connectivity, its special economic zone could serve its customers with numerous other facilities and utilities.  You could visit ‘Sez Advantage’ and know about the advantages this zone could bestow on its users.

Adani’s unique logistics support –   Adani logistics Ltd has 6 rakes and it has made elaborate planning to acquire more rakes in the future. It has the best service available between the locations of Patil and Mundra.

Customized services –  Adani logistics service has constantly been on the front of innovation, when it comes to sending cargo by containers.  It could pack off variety of cargoes and make those reach their destinations safely.  Be it oversized automobiles, machinery, perishable goods, and other items, its service by the containers could securely help the cargoes reach in the places for deliveries.

Friendly & affordable tariff rates –  To add to the above facilities, the tariff rates charged by Adani are forever pocket-friendly and most competitive in the market. The Company has right from the beginning taken acre to protect the quality aspect of the services without charging extra.

Adani Port Customer Care –   Adani maintains its customer-care web-page perfectly with the mention of all important addresses, email ID and telephone numbers. You can check helpline number below and note down its contact details for making inquiries about availability of logistics services.

You could also fill up the ‘online grievance form’ about making complaints against the faulty services.

City Contact Number Email Address
Gurgaon 98110-08424
Mundra 89800-15237
Kishangarh 97838-82010
Patli 8930222168

Adani Port Container Tracking
If you send any shipment via Adani Port then you can check the status of your shipment using below tool. They provided an option to make inquiries about containers in CT2 or CT3 terminals. You could mention the container ID and click on the ‘search’ button. This would get you the latest status of container in transit.