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JW Logistics has always stayed a pioneer in giving top-end solutions in logistics and transportation.  With a regional and national customer-base inside United States of America, JW gives a full-fledged range of logistical solutions.  This gives a broad scope to stay focused on the core business of their business houses. So far as the urgent needs of the customers are concerned, it has various services in distribution that could facilitate deliveries in next 24 hours.  By taking note of the unique need of every shipper by realizing the needs of their business and market they serve, JW logistics gives perfect tailor-made solutions for their needs.

JW Logistics Company

Services from JW

  1. Dedicated fleets of vehicles – JW owns the most dedicated fleets of vehicles to serve the exclusive needs of the clients.  Its management solution helps people replace their fleet and give them scope to bring reduction in fixed costs and pay only for the vehicles that they need.
  2. Transportation Management – With its holistic management programme in transportation management, it has dedicatedly serve to bring reduction in the transportation expenditure and give rise to the service that they need most for their customers.
  3. Distribution Management – It gives scheduled distribution services with regular scheduled deliveries, which might demand immediate and urgent handling and sorting of items for deliveries to various locations. This solution in distribution has the flexibility to expand or contract depending on the needs of the clients.
  4. Same day delivery service – JW logistics gives same day deliveries for the time-sensitive needs for logistics. With tools for excellent logistics management, dedicated fleet of vehicles, it could assuredly give same day deliveries at the destinations. For this, it could give unique customized solutions that help in the process of immediate deliveries. This service is popular amongst most of its clients.

JW logistics Customer Care –  The clients could call 855-598-7267 and make inquiries in this toll-free number about their necessities for customized solutions in logistics and transportation.  The customer-care has the team to study the needs of the clients and give solutions based on that.

Phone Number – +1-855-598-7267

How to track JW logistics consignments?

You could log on to your registered account in its website and access the status of your pending consignments.

If you want check the JW logistics tracking, then you could call 855-598-7267 and talk to the customer-care representatives for knowing about the status of your pending consignments in transit. The customer-care could give you the right status of your consignment pending for deliveries.