Evergreen Container Tracking

It is a Taiwan based company that provides global container shipping services which is known as Evergreen Marine Corp. It was started in the year 1968. They offer secure and timely global container transportation services for all kinds goods, including perishable goods for its customers.

They have at their disposal a fleet of 160 container carriers and some reefer container carriers that operate a global network of routes to transport their customer’ cargo.  Let’s check how to check the Evergreen Container tracking and it’s services details below.

The Evergreen Marine Corp Company



Their routes cover over 80 countries and connect more than 240 service locations. Their routes link the Asia-Pacific, China, Korea, Japan, USA, Europe the Mediterranean, Middle East, South Africa, South America, Australia and the Caribbean.EMC enjoys a very good reputation in the transportation of perishable goods.

EMC has developed strategic alliances with other shipping companies in the form of partnerships and joint ventures to extend their reach and offer better services to their customers. The have also set up their own terminals in Taiwan, Panama and Italy to facilitate cargo handling. This has resulted in faster and efficient handling of goods and reduction in handling costs.

EMC has also invested heavily on training and technology to ensure optimum operating efficiency from their staff and safety. The Evergreen Seafarer Training center was set up and trains its staff using simulations for engine room and bridge.The staff is also trained in emergency medical procedures.


Keeping in step with changing technology they have implemented a state of the art computerized system that integrates all their major functions and includes that of their suppliers as well to ensure seamless and immediate availability of information which ensures correct and quick decision making. This also enables their customers to obtain latest information on arrivals and departures of their ships at specific ports and to track their cargo accurately.

Awards and accolades

They received two prestigious awards in 2003, the Lloyd’s List Maritime Excellence Award for Commitment to Training and Education and annual award for e-commerce excellence by Log-Net.

How to track

You can check their official website that offers an easy to use functionality to track cargo for its customers. On the top right side, under the main navigation bar, there is a small section marked “Quick Function” where the customer can enter his bill of lading or container number and click on the “Go” button to track his consignment.

The main navigation bar also contains an option “Cargo Tracking” which the customer may click to access the “Shipment Link” page, here he gets an added criteria to search on, namely, the booking number, provided the facility is offered by EMC for his country.

However in order to check the status of Evergreen Container, we provided below option to track it at one click:

Customer Care

The customer also has the option to click on the “Contact Us” link where can send an email regarding information on his cargo tracking. He needs to select the right option from the menu on that page.

Their head office in Taipei, Taiwan at sector 2 on Minsheng E Road. The premises number is 166 and the PIN code is 104. The customer can contact them by phone at 886-02025057766.