Tracking the Kalitta Air Cargo is easy online

Kalitta Air Cargo is a Michigan based limited cargo company given tracking tool to track and trace the cargo shipment. It started in the year 1967 by Cornad Kalitta and in the eighties it began expanding its business on full scale and became American International Airways. Gradually acquiring a larger fleet for the transportation of cargoes, it became the main carrier in operations like ‘Desert Storm’ and ‘Desert Shield’. The year 1997 saw it expanding further through a merger with Kitty Hawk Inc. The company has become a major company in the field of air cargo. It has expanded to every area of logistics and cargo business with flying operations to every part of world.

Kalitta Air Cargo LLC

Kalitta Air Services

Transportation of over-sized cargo – Be it car, large accessories, machinery, or any other over-sized cargoes, Kalitta offers special containerized cargo shipments by its regular flying schedules. The special containers are capable of handling every type of over-sized and large cargo with their regular services. Moreover, the trained staffs from Kalitta are efficient enough to give proper handling to any kind of over-sized cargo.

Extensive warehousing – With its world-wide services, Kalitta has also created warehouses in the areas, where it flies its regular flights. The warehouses have all the scientific installations, where the stored goods could stay safe without any damage.

Transportation of perishable cargoes –   Be it any type of perishable cargo like food products or any other thing, Kalitta could offer temperature-controlled transportation services to any part of the world. The temperature-controlled containers are suitable for any kind of transportation of perishable commodity.

Delivery of cargoes under strict time dead lines – Kalitta offers extremely time-bound services for cargo deliveries. It could deliver within guaranteed timely deliveries.

Transportation of live cargoes – kalitta offers specialized services in transporting live animals. It has trained staff to handle animals during transportation. It could make sure that no harm takes place the animals to the animals during transportation.

Expert customized logistics solutions – Kalitta could offer expert customized logistics solutions for its customers. It has the ability to design such customized solutions to help in the efficient transportation of important commodities.

Kalitta Air Customer Care
Customers could ring up 734-484-0088 and talk to Mr. D.C.  Sanderlin for getting customized solutions of their queries. The service representatives could revert back with best solutions shortly. The customers could log on to to their official website and get all the information about customer care.

Kalitta Air Cargo Tracking
The full tracking information is available on below page to track and trace the Kalitta Air Cargo and the customers could log on to this page to track the latest status of their consignments.