Air India Cargo

Over the years, Air India has changed its cargo operations to a great extent. It has introduced online tracking system enabling its clients to track whatever they send through its cargo division.  Be it anything, with its large capacity of transportation, it could carry it in and out of India.  So far as the choice of Indian Corporate goes, Air India has remained its favorite. Safety, confidentiality, and timeliness are three key factors that thousands of companies in India have reposed their faith in it.

The Air India Cargo providing online tracking

Let’s see some of the other factors, which make Air India the first choice of teeming millions in India and abroad;

Largest infrastructure and network

How a cargo service provider save your precious goods and commodities sent though its network? Most of such service providers simply dump it in the warehouses. But Air India is always famous for the attention and care it gives to its clients’ parcels, cargo, and precious materials. It stores all such things with highest care and safety. It has created the largest infrastructure and network for the purpose. When it comes to storing and transportation of goods, it acts with utmost maturity.

So to talk about its network, it has now tie-ups with the best foreign airlines and trucking companies.

58 Domestic and 29 International Stations

This is one of the most imposing networks to help transportation of cargo. You just think of transportation of any two destinations in the world, Air India could transport your cargo with great care. It has streamlined its services with latest Logistics Management and for this it has acquired highest credibility from its clients.  The LMS system connects it with EDI interface of Indian customs and for this the goods and cargo transported through its network are traceable with advanced tracking system.

What types of Cargo you can send?

As vast majorities from India have now begun living in different nations of the world, it is almost an every-day affair to send commodities to their near and dear ones living in India. Besides this the business entrepreneurs largely depend on Air India for sending precious goods and materials. Air India, being a very active member of IATA, has almost perfected itself in dealing with the needs of its clients.  It could take variety of goods and commodities through its network, beginning from sensitive goods to precious materials.  It has divided the transportable goods, which it accepts into five categories.

Let’s see them one-by-one;

  1. Odd-sized goods

In case, you have any heavy and odd-sized goods, you could send it without any hassle.

  1. Dangerous goods

Be it any hazardous industrial chemical for variety of industrial and nuclear experimentation, Air India has the back-up of its qualified and experience professionals to take care of the transportation of them.

  • Livestock

Over a long period, Air India has acquired ability of transporting livestock.

  1. Valuables

It also transports valuables like gold, silver, and diamonds through its strict security and vigilant system.

  1. Couriers

Last but not the least, it also takes important documents and deliver those strictly under time-schedule.

Track your cargo

You could directly go to the official URL here where you can see similar below tracking optionThe Air India Cargo providing tracking option


Here you can to enter the Airline Code along with the Airway Bill Number that will help to check the status of your cargo and click on Submit button.