New Penn Motor Express Tracking Online

New Penn is one of the transport service providers in North-eastern part of United States of America that gives round-the-clock service to its customers guaranteeing delivery across destinations after 24 hours. It also delivers with equal efficiency at different locations in Quebec, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It is also a proficient service provider in tracking technologies and shipping services through internet. It has also association with a number of partner carriers to transport to distant locations like West, Midwest, and Southeast parts of the United States of America and in every part of Canada. It has outstanding record in employment and it has more than 2000 people on its payroll. To match with the number of employees, it has also equally vast fleet of tractors and trailers. With 850 tractors, it helps in the transportation and agricultural works in several parts in the U.S. and Canada and with 1700 trailers it helps various industries in fishing business.

New Penn

Two distinct kinds of services

The services from New Penn come in following two categories, such as specialty freight services and information services.

The following services in freight delivery are important in its range of services.

  1. It delivers delicate “chemical products”, which requires careful handling and safe transportation with packaging.
  2. It has best efficiency in handling hazardous materials and it transports such cargo with great efficiency.
  3. It has specialty in handling, packaging, and sending perishable goods under extra protection through refrigerated system.
  4. For various needs in shipping, it offers great solutions in shipping. Other than this, it has inbound and liftgate services for various customers.
  5. The parties, who have special requirements for transporting materials to different locations for trade-fair exhibitions, New Penn Motor could make all arrangement to transport the materials safely.
  6. Other than this, it has different services available under the class of specialty freight services. You could log on to and click on the links for such services for knowing more in detail.
  7. The following services are also available under the class of “information Services”.

Under this class of services, New Penn gives special services for dissemination of information, such as online shipment report, quality freight handling report, and report for transit. It has also launched its website’s mobile and mobile apps to give instant solutions for problems of its customers. It also helps in making URL queries and gives other web-related services.

Giving online customer service to its customers

Whatever queries and solutions you need from New Penn Motor Services it could give you online in its website. You could log on to its Contact Us page and it has enabled various “online tools” on the left-side of web-page. You would get A-Z in information that you need for transportation of your consignments using below customer care number too.

  • 80095-05046
  • 80095-04370

New Penn Motor Express Online Tracking Solution

In order to know the status of your shipment, just enter the 10 consignment numbers without giving any dashes. Click on “submit” button on the page. You could get the status of your cargo in transit immediately.