OnTrac Shipping Online Tracking

When you are looking for information about hassle-free shipping, I would of course suggest you the name of onTrac shipping. The first reason is I have this satisfactory personal experience of shipping. I just made an online request to them for a pick-up. The rest was their responsibility. I would say, shipping with OnTrac is a fantastic experience as it involves three simple steps. It will make you free from all the worries of shipping as this carrier takes care of all your worries. You could make a comparison with those of services of others but I would assure you that the services of OnTrack are the best.

The OnTrac Shipping Company

Let’s know about the tools and package that OnTrack utilized to make the shipping of my goods and commodities an easy task.

Safe pack your article or document

When I needed to send anything through its shipping, I made sure that the article had the right packing. You need to pack your article or document with such material that would not bring any damage in transit. Like me, you do attach copy of your waybill with the right information about the place of your delivery. Attach one way bill per package. I would have forgotten to keep the yellow copy for my record but you need to keep the copy with you. It is really important.

I signed up with web onTrac and got a personal account

Time was something really precious for me. So I logged into the portal of OnTrac. This privilege in online shipping worked fantastically. To activate your free account, all you need to do is to go to www.onTrac.com and use the link under “web onTrack” which is located on Left Hand Side of the website which looks something like this –

Login link of OnTrac

You would get your free account, where you could request for a “free pick up”.

OnTrac software-great for shipping needs

OnTrac’s software is simply great as I could streamline my entire shipping procedure with the help of it by creating bar-coded labels, store customer’s addresses, and print everyday’s manifest report. The software and support by onTac were great help for me in giving complete care for my shipping needs. You would do the same to get the complete solution for all your shipping needs.

Its support desk is forever ready        

I got almost instant response, when I rang up the toll-free number to get free daily manifesto report. You could do the same by calling 8772256837 and email softwaresupport@ontrac.com as well.

OnTrac is prompt

I rang up 800344500 and Ontrack’s representative arrived at my doorsteps soon. You could log in to your registered account in the site of OnTrac and lodge a request for the “pick-up” from your residence.

Take the benefit of online tracking

I logged on to www.ontrac.com and tracking option is available on its home page at the left side. Give the B/L number or waybill number and click on “go” on the right. This would give you the correct status of your goods in transit.