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Find the ZIM Container tracking with the help of Booking or B/L number. Check the status of your shipment with customer care number. The ZIMU shipping company is the sister concern of ZIM integrated Shipping Ltd was set up in the year 1945. With gradual evolution, it became one of the largest organizations in the world in the world container shipping industry.  Committed to give its customers only the best in its services, it has the top-class customized solutions for its clients. The dependable as well as flexible shipping solutions, acquired from more than half a century of experience, have proven its worth time and again in serving the interests of the clients. Always keen on nurturing long-standing relationship with all its clients, it has the full capacity to meet the specific needs of the clients.

ZIMU Container Shipping Company

ZIMU Services

ZIM shipping line Network –  It has very big international network of trade routes supported by extensive network of regional shipping lines. Most impressively, the entire network gets the support of 10 major hubs.

Flexible schedules –  It has worked upon most flexible schedules that could meet the demands from the Companies for shipment of various types of goods with the help of containers.

E-Services –  With its complete range of services, it renders every help online.  The e-services could help you to get a quote, trace a shipment, or find e-commerce partners along with inland tracing of shipments.

Special Cargo –  When it comes to delivering special cargo, ZIMU has various types of containers that could fit your purpose with complete accuracy.  Moreover, it delivers with a personal touch at the doorsteps of the clients.

Dedicated service for the entire world –  When you need shipments to get delivered at any part of the world, the special containers for shifting special cargo could help in delivering at the international destinations.  All such equipments get the best maintenance and could give excellent help in making those delivered at various destinations internationally. ZIMU could give guarantee about timely deliveries at various locations in the world.

Best Online Customer care –  ZIMU could render the following online help for the benefitsof its customers;

  • You could get a shipping price quote by making an online request.
  • You could get online cargo tracing form.
  • You could submit your valuable feedback online.
  • You could ask for the price and specifications of used containers.
  • You could contact its local offices.

ZIM Line Tracking  Tracing your consignments is as easy as clicking the button of mouse with ZIMU container service.

You can either go to the login page and use below ZIM tracking tool which is available on the right side of the web-page. You could trace with the help of your B/L , booking, or container number.