Grimaldi Group Container

Grimaldi Group is one of the international groups that give the services of roll-on and roll-off vessels, car carriers, and ferries. Being a committed dealer of integrated logistics services in maritime transport, it has its major clientele from the automobile sector in the world. With the help of marine services, it transports all types of vehicles like cars, rolling cargo, passengers, containers, palletized and unitized cargo, and other related things.

Grimaldi Group Container

Grimaldi- a giant in container services

Starting way back in 1947, the Grimaldi Group has occupied a major place in maritime carrier services in the world.  In its website, it has come up with measures that will give instant availability of information about its services. The services go as follows;

Availability of Corporate brochure– To make its clientele fully familiar about its services, it has enabled the e-service in its website, where the customer can request e-brochure. You can log on to its website  and request for the downloading the e-brochure.

Avail the latest news about the group– In this novel step it has also brought the service for letting the customer know about the latest happenings in the company. You can log on to the same page and download the activity page straight from the website.

Information about its terminals– It has introduced complete address of its “Tilbury terminal” and “Southampton terminal” with telephone numbers and other relevant details, where you can make contact to get the details of its services. You can visit their website and get the details of the address to book the appropriate services.

Great e-services- In its website, it has enabled customer friendly e-services with relevant links. You can log on to this link and make a request about the following;

i) You can request a quotation.

ii) You can get all the shipping information by going through the “shipping instructions”.

iii) In case, you want to be sure that whether your cargo has been delivered or not, you can “print the delivery documents”.

iv) You can get familiar with its Grimaldi Roro gateway by going through the last link.

Availability of updated information–  The company also makes available its updated information through official site  and it publishes notices to keep its clientele abreast of all the changes.

Get information about the schedules– Follow below link and click on Schedules of its website and make inquiries about its schedules for Europe/west-Asia/ Europe-South-America and Euromed services.

Log on to track– Tracking of your booked containers is easy with the service offered by the company in its tracking page.

On above track and trace tool, you can check the status of current shipment and services with the help of CIR mark and number.  Write the number and click on “search” and get the status of your booked cargo.