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As one of the renowned container service providers in the world, TAL international has in its clientele the best from the top industries. As an intermodal container service provider, it was started in the year 1969 and achieved rapid success from that time. With its 17 offices in 11 nations, it has also set up more than 230 container depot services around 40 nations. The number of containers under its possession is relatively lathe as it consists of 2 million TEU of dry containers, temperature-controlled containers, tank as well as open top containers with flat racks.  To add it, it also provides the service for chassis, generator sets, pallet-wide containers, and its A-Z set of containers literally makes it one of the unbeatable service providers in the world.

TRLU shipping company

TRLU Services

Service for Dry Freight –  When it comes to delivering automobile component parts, consumer staple items, electronics, and apparels, you could trust its service through best dry freight containers with your eyes closed.

Perishable goods –  The reefer or temperature controlled containers provided by TRLU are the best in the world as those could keep such goods fresh without damage for months. Be it medicine or food products, reefer containers could make those reach their destinations without  a small damage.

Special delicate items –  When you are in need of transporting something delicate like marble, building products or machinery parts, TRLU has the best special containers that could carry the goods to their destinations  without any hassle.

Liquid products –  When you need to send liquid products, its tanks are the best in the world that could serve the purpose of shipments throughout the world.

In-land service –  It has at its disposal good chassis for the transportation of containers on the domestic ground.

TRLU Customer Care–  You can go on to its “contact us” page  and take the phone number and email IDs relevant for contact in your areas. You could contact the customer-care representatives for any information.

Toll Free Number 1888-475-8376

Track your container–  You could log in to your registered account and make inquiries about the status of your container in transit. TRLU keeps all the updated information about tracking in the registered profiles of the clients.