TMAL Container Tracking Online

The TMAL shipping company provided tracking system in order to find the cargo and shipment status using container or bill of landing number. Today the TMAL is one of the best container service providers in the world to provide quality through containers to a number of prestigious customers. Over the years, it has increased its presence in Canada and other places by giving superiority in quality in every aspect of service. For this reason, its clientele has grown all-over the world. In a short span of time, the Company has won the trust of almost all with its incredible features in service.  As its worldwide presence has grown considerably, it has brought up expertise in shipping almost all types of consignments inside India and abroad.

Track and Trace of TMAL  

You could log on to  its  tracking page in order to  track the latest status of your TMAL consignment using reference or shipment number. Click here to go its official page that looks like this:

tracking of TMAL container

Services and facilities

Reefer containers –  When it comes to shipping perishable commodities like medicines, fruits, and other delicate products, the Company has introduced real quality in service through its containers. The refrigerated containers could ship the perishable products to any part of the world without giving any damage in transit.

Oversized goods – Literally speaking, the Company has unmatched capacity in carrying over-sized machinery and vehicles through open top container and flat rack container.  Such containers could take care of the size of the equipments, machinery, and vehicles and take them across different locations in the world.

Warehousing –  The Company has set up warehouses at every important location in its transit and it could keep the consignments in safe conditions till those reach their destinations.  When the commodities stay in the warehouses, the Company takes every type of care to keep those under utmost care and safe from theft and any type of loss.

Project cargo –  The Company has expertise in carrying project cargo to the places, where construction work in the factories and buildings is under progress. Despite the difficulty in transportation, it could make them reach the sites safely.