Aeroflot Cargo Online Tracking

CJSC “Aeroflot” cargo is a given tracking system to check the status of shipment, the Aeroflot Cargo is completely owned subsidiary organization of Aeroflot. Established in the year 2005 on October 26th, it finally got incorporated on 19th April, 2006. Now considered as the second largest cargo airlines in Russia, its cargo division now operates independently with its fleet of air-carriers. With steps of modernization, this company has become one of top-ranking air cargo transporters in the world. Over the years, it has extended its activities to every part of the world. With increasing sophistication, it has become the trusted partner of industrial leaders all over the world. The companies have shown tremendous faith in this company’s credibility as a reliable partner in giving top quality logistics.

The Aeroflot Cargo company

Great features in its services

Wide network – Literally, Aeroflot has made its services available in every nook and corner on earth.  Be it Russia, Great Britain, U.S.A. or India, it has established its network in all these countries. Its services are flexible enough to meet the demands of industries in meeting the pressure of deadlines in logistics.

Best fleet of carriers – To help its services, it has series of RA-85627 and VQ-BOI of air carriers. The fleet of air cargo carriers is advanced and has the ability to meet the standards of flying in advanced air cargo management.

Highest precision in Cargo Management – The services for deliveries of cargo have the assured features like time-bound deliveries at important destinations. To add it, it also has the other guaranteed feature like delivery in damage free conditions.

Best supply chain Management – To add to the above services, Aeroflot also makes use of most scientific supply chain management and this helps in the deliveries of all important items to the parties, who need the supplies for making further distribution in a network.

Top priority to Time management – As time matters most in the deliveries of cargoes in business, Aeroloft makes the best use of time management, which makes sure that the consignments reach the destinations without delays in transit.

Best warehousing – To add to all, Aeroflot has warehouses with advanced systems installed in them all-over the world. The facilities to store the goods and commodities do not allow the stored things to get wasted. The perishable goods stay safe without getting decomposed in transit.

Special cargo deliveries – You could send live animal, dangerous cargoes, and other items that require top class handling of the consignments. The staff of Aeroflot has the skill to handle such cargoes deftly without allowing any accident or mishap.

Customer Care Number – The Company has the most interactive website, which the customers could log in to get replies to their queries and the service representatives would give customized solutions of their needs.

  • +7(495)223-5555
  • 8-800-444-5555 (Toll Free Number)

The track & trave option provided by Aeroflot Cargo section that provide instant result. Follow below given tool to check the status of  Aeroflot shipment , just enter the AWB number and wait for result.