TAL International Container Tracking

TAL International is one of the distinguished international container service providers in the world. Being world’s biggest and oldest company of inter-modal freight containers, it serves almost all major shipping companies in the world. Operating with 17 offices spread over 11 nations, it has engaged 230 third- party container depot facilities in 40 countries. When you know about its size of fleet of containers, it is definitely the most impressive one in the globe.

TAL International Container Shipping Company

TAL International  Best containers

Let’s know about the size of fleet of containers that help in shipment of various types of cargoes across the world.

  1. It has 2 million TEU of dry containers.
  2. Besides the above, it has an impressive fleet of refrigerated
  3. It has at its disposal several “open top” containers.
  4. To add to all above, it has many “flat rack” containers.
  5. It has chassis, generator sets, and pallet-wide

All the above make TAL the giant as an international container company.


Leasing of containers – TAL leases different types of containers for shipment and transportation of various cargoes.  Let’s know about them one-by-one;

  1. For shipping and transportation of general cargoes, such as parts, consumer staples, electronics, and garments, it offers “dry freight containers”.
  2. To pack and transport perishable and fragile items, TAL could give you “refrigerated containers”.
  3. You need not worry, when you have any over-sized and heavy cargo because to serve you TAL has “special containers”.
  4. For domestic transportation of containers, it has “chassis”.
  5. When you need to transport chemicals or any other liquid, it could give you tank containers.
  6. It also buys and sells used containers and for this, it has a dedicated team in its office.

TAL International Customer Care

It has organized its customer-care by dividing and streamlining its every process. Let’s know how TAL deals with its clients through creative ideas of customer care;

  1. Securing “functions” through leasing- When you log on to Container Leasing the link for customer-care comes on its left page. As you click on the “CUSTOMER TOOLS”, it takes you to different functions of customer-care. The first of customer-care is “secure functions” and as you click on it, you go to the page, where you could log in to your registered account with your “user-name” and “password”. After logging, you could ask about any service.
  2. Inquire about unit of containers- Then, you could click on the next link to ask about “each unit of container” service. There, you could enter your e-mail address with inquiry about service and get the reply about service.
  3. Get specification about “units”- Next, you could ask about the details each container’s size and technicalities by giving the unit- mark and 6 digit unit number. You would get specifications about unit.
  4. Inquire about currency- Lastly, you could ask about exchange of currency and get details about it.

Customer Care Number

  • USA : + 1-914-251-9000
  • India : + 91-22-667-39226
  • Singapore : + 65-6535-7555

TAL International  Tracking

The Tal International Container company given one click solution to track the status of your container. Use track and trace to check the current status of the container using below tool.