Kintetsu World Express Tracking Solution

As you are fairly familiar with the giant in courier and logistics service, Gati, it has tied up with Kintestu World express of Japan as a joint venture to provide world-class service. The joint-venture, familiar everywhere as Gati-Kintetsu, is a novel attempt to introduce revolutionary steps in the future distribution services in India. As Gati’s in-depth resources in logistics and courier are valuable, both the companies have teamed up to form a global standard service provider. On the other side of the coin, KWE has extra-ordinary warehousing facilities and excellent technological support that could bring magical improvement in the quality of services.

KWE Customer Service System

Kintetsu World Express Services and products

  1. Air Freight Services – The Gati-KWE could take the challenge of meeting the deadlines in international deliveries.  Be it a small but cute television that you want to send to Middle-East or any part of the world, the joint-venture has its best of services to make it reach there without any hassle.
  2. Sea- Freight service – As it has the complete range of transportation services by sea, you could send volumes of consignments in the major transportation lane to nations like Japan, Canada, Middle-East, U.S.A. and other European nations. Assuredly those would reach the door-step of the clients without any delay.
  3. Clearing and forwarding of customs – It has always tried to make endeavors to give professional services as a service provider for clearing and forwarding of customs.  Be it any type of service in the forwarding of over-seas cargoes, Gati-Kintetsu could help in the compliance of all necessary formalities.
  4. A service for 3rd party logistics – The Company also has valuable services for giving logistics support for the 3rd parties.  All such services have proven their worth in providing one-to-one solution in warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, logistics, and transportation.
  5. Services for deliveries at door – It also gives reliable and time efficient service in making deliveries at the door-steps of the clients. Literally, it has become a single window service provider for all types of services that could render efficient deliveries at the door-step of the clients.

KWE Customer Care –  You could Just fill in the contact form online and click on ‘process my request’ and get a reply at the earliest from the customer-care.

Email ID – /

Toll Free Number – 1-800-387-3971 (Canada)

Kintetsu World Express Tracking  You could either login to the official website and you could track with the help of your way bill. The tracking would give you the exact online status of your cargoes in transit. Or you can just enter the Way Bill number to check the status of Kintetsu World Express shipment.