Mercer Transportation Co Tracking

Is there any transportation company in Canada that gives highest importance to customer satisfaction?  Mercer transportation is the only company, which has this kind of spirit. Its aim has always stayed on giving “quality” service to its clients, who depend on this transporter for their complex needs in transportation. Its sole aim has forever stayed as “moving one load safely”.  This is the reason for which it has continued to grow right from year 1977, when its foundation was laid. Delivering 2, 50,000 loads in a year, it helps highest quantity in transportation reach their destination safely and in time. It has 85 offices located strategically at different locations in America with a total strength of 1800 vehicles and 11000 contractors.

Mercer Transportation Company

Mercer Services

Its services are mainly divided into two categories, such as commercial and military. Let’s have ideas about what Mercer offers in both the categories.

Commercial – It has served the commercial segment for more than 30 years. For this, it has engaged the biggest fleet consisting of hundreds of own and leased vehicles to shift cargo. It has wide network of sales agents to take care of queries from customers and give them solutions in time. With excellent freight management, it handles the cargo most scientifically and makes that the consignments reach their destinations in time and in perfect condition. Not only, its vehicles are well maintained but it has all the drivers, who have licenses from TWIC (transportation workers identification card) from the government of America.

Military – It has served the defense department with its quality services by staying fully aware that the latter only needs the best in services in transportation. For serving the military department, it has used the best quality instruments as well as personnel. Its impeccable service for military has earned it accolades from the ministry of defense time and again.  It received “military traffic management command quality carrier award” recently as a token of appreciation for its dedicated service. For its ability and dedication, it has earned the reputation of being one from the top five transporters in U.S.A.

Mercer Transportation Customer Care

Mercer has the most responsive customer care that sends quickest response to the queries with efficacious solutions. It has enabled types of services by its customer care, where the clients could do multiple tracking of cargo in transit. In case, the customers are unable to find the cargo by ordinary tracking, they could use advanced tracking to know about the exact status of the consignments. It has engaged 800-626-5375, which is a dedicated number to get complaints and queries from clients. The clients could log on to its website and ask for a price quote directly.

Mercer Transportation Tracking Solution

The clients could track their Mercer Transport consignments by calling 800-626-5375 or they could use and fill up the online form to get the status of the consignments in transit as mentioned below –