Messina Container Shipping Company Container Tracking

It was surprising for me, when I noted that Messina Container service is almost a century old company. When I was in need of secure, fast, and trustworthy services, Messina Container proved its worth by fulfilling all my needs. I have shipped through its efficient container services to nations in Europe, Mediterranean basin, Asia, Africa, and many parts of the world. You would find the services of the company trustworthy because it is one of the old companies in the world to set up operations since 1935.

Messina Shipping Company

Let’s talk about its important services to various parts of world.

Linear Services

You would find the linear services from Messina really impressive as it serves most of the destinations in ports in 26 west and East African nations through a very organized network. It also has excellent services for Mediterranean nations like Genoa, Salerno, and Marseilles. Besides this, you would also have efficient services for the nations of East, West, North, and South Africa. It serves all the African nations by giving services through ro-ro containers. I found the containers were great in serving my needs for all types of goods and commodities.

Grand Fleet

Messina possesses 14 own ships with Italian Flags flying on them. To add to them, it also has exclusive ro-ro containers, which are really efficient in carrying the loads of tons of commercial goods. The containers are efficient enough not to inflict damage on the goods in transit. Messina is the second in size in the world as a company providing services through containers.

The vessels could carry all types of goods inside containers, important equipment, rolling cargoes, cars, and bulk cargoes inside its ships. It could carry easily LCL containerized cargoes and awkward cargo with extreme weight and dimensions.

Excellent Logistical support

Let’s know about its terminal facility and logistics support in Italy.

With the great terminal facilities in Genoa, it has started making new Messina terminal by making high capital investment. Right from 1996, it has established its network in heart of Genoa, which is one of the best ports in Italy. Operating on 2, 53, 355 Sq. kilometers of area, Messina has built up 11,000 warehouses in this area to keep consignments of parties safely without chance of inflicting damage on those in transit.

What’s so special with its terminal in Genoa?

The state-of-the-art warehouses have the installations of all advanced equipment, gadgets, and those have the support of excellent infrastructure. Messina receives cargo and does warehousing, consolidation, loading and off-loading of it in 24×7 in a year.

Contact to get customer support

You could get its customer support by logging to its homepage and clicking on “contact”.

Tracking the Messina Container  is easy

The Messina Shipping line company provided online option to check the status of your gods. You can log in to your account to track my shipment as and when you need it.

If you are not so, you could track by logging to its tracking page here and track with your B/L number that looks like below form:

The shipping tracking option provided by  Messina