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If you have things to do, places to reach, people to interact with, then “Indigo” is the right choice for you. As a high flier company, Indigo Cargo specializing in cargo and travel, it won’t allow the loss of your time and money. Being continuously focused on keeping low costs and high efficiency in operations, it almost guarantees about low-fares, punctual schedules in transportation, and almost trouble operations in every type of cargo management. Having commenced its operations in the year 2006 with a single air-craft, it made sure with stringent quality-control measures that none of its customers suffers set-back in cargo deliveries at the specified destinations.

Indigo AWB Cargo Company

Indigo Cargo services and products

Services in higher dimension-  Being a part of  InterGlobe enterprises,  its incorporation took place on 13th September, 1989 under the Companies Act 1956. It came up with important services that proved vital for the service takers in course of time.

6E Priority –   This service is only for the people, who have time-sensitive requirements for deliveries of cargoes. With this express service for cargo, it also pays attention to the efficient handling of cargoes. Take for example, the priority that lies in delivering human remains is crucial when the need comes for delivering the cargoes at the destinations. The products falling under the category of 6E cargo get placed in different bags, which could get identified easily. But it applies restricting on the total capacity of the bag need not exceed 32 kg, which would get inconvenience for handling and deliveries.

Delivery of perishable cargoes –   Going by the ruling by IATA that a shipment of goods would get considered ‘perishable’ if the content starts deteriorating within the given period of transportation.  Indigo only accepts the temperature -sensitive materials, which would not require temperature -controlled atmosphere.

Delivery of fish seed –   Its services are also available in the area of fish seed delivery. The baby fishes could get transported to various places for their growth and then as they grow bigger, those could get transported to other places.

Restricted use of dry-ice –   As the use of dry-ice is not acceptable anywhere during transportation; Indigo could only accept dry ice for storage of chocolates, ice-creams, blood-samples, and other such sensitive materials.

Postal mail –  Indigo cargo is a pioneer in the carriage of various types of postal mail like speed post, Army correspondence, and general mail deliveries.

Shipping of general cargoes  Indigo cargo is also a specialist in the carriage of general cargoes like documents, samples, motor-parts, garments, fabrics, and other such materials.

Indigo Cargo Customer Care –   The customer-friendly service representatives could take care of all the service queries through the helpline number 09910383838 or 1246613838 and you could get any information from them.

Indigo Cargo Tracking  If you send any goods or parcel and wanted to know the status then use tracking tool of Indigo Cargo with the help of AWB number.  You can Track & Trace with AWB number once you click on ‘track’ on the right side, you would get the latest status of your cargo.