China Airline Cargo Tracking Online

1959 was the year that marked the beginning of China Airline Cargo in Taipei. As it continued with a small number of employees and service of C54 aircraft and two amphibious aircrafts, it undertook supplies to military in the year 2001 in Laos. In the successive years, it shaped up its services to become the pioneer in service in this category. As of now, it serves more than 118 destinations and 29 nations and regions with its exclusive types of services and it has expanded its services to Europe, Asia, America and different parts of world. Over the years, it has emerged as a topmost service provider in the region and its services have considerably improved in the meantime.

China Airlines Cargo company

China Airline Cargo Services

e-booking –  The facility for booking almost stays at the tip of the finger with various online services.  You could book for a single service or multiple services through its online booking system.

Auto-notification – it gives its customers the facility of getting notified through email and SMS. This keeps the clients informed about the latest news in its services.

e-Freight –  It gives every bit of information about the freight payable for its services. The customers could make queries about the e-freight payable and get replies online.

Mail tracking –  With its online tracking system, you could track mail as well as shipments. It could give the latest information about the status of your consignments pending for deliveries.

Flight status –   Apart from airline cargo tracking, it also gives information about the status of the flights. The clients could get updates about the status of the flight simply by logging to its website.

Display of schedule –  It gives online display of schedules of flights and the customers could get the latest information about schedules of flights from its website.

China Airline Customer Care –  You could go to the official website  and click on the customer’s center to make queries about the availability of services and deliveries of consignments. Additionally we provided the customer care number of China Airline Cargo below for any query related to tracking and checking status of your shipment.

India Customer Care Number

  • 91-124-667-4020
  • 91-11-2565-4597

Bangladesh Contact Number: 88-02-7920-135

Tokyo Number: 81-3-6378-8860 /

USA Customer Care Number

  • +1-718-6565-545 (NYC)
  • +1-1-310-646-1260 (LA)

China Airline Cargo Shipment Tracking –  You could track with the help of awb. number. The tracking facility is available in the middle of the web-page.