Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cargo Tracking

Singapore (Sia) Airlines has a history of five decades in cargo transportation. Way back in 1947, it flew the Airspeed consuls, which was a complete cargo division to serve the needs of transportation of people. As it grew tremendously, it became a full-fledged cargo transporter on 1st July 2001. Singapore Airlines Cargo operates more than 1000 flights in a week from its hub. Connecting more than 35 nations in 6 continents, it has advanced B747-400 freighters to transport and it takes care of all the cargo even in the passenger flights of Singapore airlines. In the last five decades, it has included excellent features in its services that have made it the top cargo service provider in the world.

The Sia Cargo company

Let’s see some of its brilliant highlights of its services, which make Sia Cargo as an outstanding company in the globe.

Sia Cargo Services

Air-mail- it has designed mail delivery system, which is not only fastest but reliable enough to meet the deadlines in time. It has always worked with commitment to give excellent service to all its customers. It has also stayed a close associate of all postal organizations.

Special chartered services –Sia offers special chartered services for special types of cargoes. It offers full or part chartered services for commodities like equipments for telecommunications, transportation of zoo animals, and luxury cars like limousines and grand-prix cars.

Shipping of perilous commodities – Sia transporter has special capacities for shipping perilous commodities. It gives special packing to all the items, which come under the category of ‘dangerous’ items and transport those under extra care.

Special facility for carrying ‘live animals’ – Going by the IATA regulations, it transports animals, pets to different destinations in the world. Whether animal has its human company or not, Sia transport service could give it special handling to make it reach the destination safe and sound.

Special handling of perishable cargo – Singapore Airline has the special capacity to carry special perishable cargo. The customers could send vegetables, seafood, chilled meat, flowers, and even lobsters to distant locations in superb packing and deliver safely at all the locations.

Medicines and pharmaceutical goods – Singapore airline cargo has great facilities to transport medicines and pharmaceutical goods. Especially, it transports with great care all the life saving drugs that the customers need for their survival.

Refund of tariff – When the services given by Sia transporter do not meet the promised standards, the company simply refunds the entire amount taken as tariff from the party.

Unaccompanied baggage – The passengers, who have excess baggage, could send it at special tariffs applicable by the airline cargo company.

Online customer care – When the customers have special queries, they could go to the Contact Us section of the website and fill in the online questionnaire to get a reply from Sia transporter.

Tracking – If you want to know the status of your SIA Cargo section then you can use below tool for track and trace and fill the box on the left side with ‘awb number” and then click on “submit” button to get the present status of consignments pending in transit.