How to Check Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking

Is there any transporter in India, which has won absolute trust and confidence of people for last four decades?  Lalji Mulji is certainly the one, which has served its clients with unparalleled dedication and loyalty right from the year 1965. In the 40 years, it has built up an unbeatable reputation for its quality in transportation of parcels and goods at the local places and throughout the nation. The services have excellent features like full professional approach, reasonable prices, and scientific operations through wide network. Over this long period, it has become the most trusted transporter for Mumbai, North India, and Gujarat.  As its competitors and clients hail it as the “ King of Gujarat” , it operates through 180 branches all over the country.

Lalji Mulji Transport Company

Lalji Mulji Services

Consignments of parcels – The first quality in its services is speed and reliability in parcel service, which it delivers with pin-point accuracy in time. Its range of customers for this comes from separate industries and business communities like C& F agents, wholesalers, retailers, and common people, who need parcels to get delivered at their door-steps in exactitude of time and damage free condition.  It serves the business people with utmost efficiency without sparing them any difficulty due to lack of delivery in time.

Service for complete truck-load – It gives the service of delivering at the door-step of the customers, when they give full-truck load materials for transportation. This helps in the transportation of large or bulk load of materials to different destinations.

Fast or Express delivery – When the clients need deliveries to be made within one or two days, this service provider could give guaranteed services slightly at a higher charge. But it makes sure that the consignments of materials do not get affected due to mishandling at any place during the transit.

Lalji Mulji Customer Care

Helpdesk for customer support – Its clients could log on to and take help of helpdesk at the left side of the web page. As they click on the “HELPDESK”, it gives them access to various forms, which they could fill up to avail solutions for their needs for its services.

Send an Enquiry – Below “helpdesk”, they could click on “Enquiry” and write the details of the query in the box provided. They could leave their email ID and telephone number and click on the”submit form” below to get a reply from its customer care.

Lalji Mulji  Tracking Solution

If you sent any goods using Lalji Mulji Transport then you can easily track and get information about their cargo to the “helpdesk” and retrieve the information about status of their consignment in transit. Alternately, they could also fill up the inquiry form online and do tracking of their consignment.