Seago Line Container Tracking

It was the year 2011 When Seago Line began operating intra-European activities for transportation by containers. Being part of Maersk group, it had the sole aim of staying one of the top most trade specialists of the region as it operated in different nations in Mediterranean Sea, Baltics, and Russia. Recognized as an independent organization inside Maersk Group, it has established its offices in all the important nations all over the region. Working with staff strength of more than 300 employees, it operates more than 50 vessels carrying around 90,000 TEUs. This lends a unique place to Seago as a cargo operator as it gives supreme value-added services to its clients all over the world.

The Seago Line Company

Highlights of its Services  

Large fleet of Vessels –   Its first strength comes from its large fleet of vessels. Besides this, it has support of other vessels from its sister concerns and partner lines.

Container services –   Be it over sized or perishable, or general cargoes, Seago has exclusive containers to provide transportation service in every possible way.

Carriage of dangerous cargoes –  Seago could carry all types of dangerous cargoes which are permissible under the rules of  IATA.  It adheres to the practices that make the transportation of dangerous cargo safe for one and all.

Reefer Cargo –  When it comes to the shipping of perishable and delicate cargoes like medicine and food products, Seago’s reefer services could do it with greater efficiency. Such delicate cargo stays safe and fresh during the period of transportation. Refrigerated reefer containers could carry any type of cargo to different places around the world.

Customized solutions –  It has three types of specialized solutions, when needs of its clients are specific. The solutions could come as standardized, customized, or consultancy for any specific service.  Such solutions have time-proven efficiency for the solution of needs of the customers.

Seago Line Customer Care  You could log on to its most interactive website and do almost everything online.  Facility like knowing the schedules and online booking are available. If you need inland transport, the Company could give all the information to you on this web-page. It also gives brief information about the existing local offices and network.

Customer Care Number

  • +961-1447-894
  • +44-151-2436-134 (UK)

Email ID

Seago Line Tracking Solution –   The company given online solution to check the status of cargo shipment. Use below given Seago line cargo tracking solution that provide tracking facility.  You could track with your container number, document number or booking number and click on “track” next. It would give you the exact status of your cargo.